May 1, 2013

Steel Magnolias

The other day, I watched the movie Steel Magnolias. Its about this girl who gets married, but she is diabetic. She is told she shouldn't have a kid, but does anyway. Then, her kidneys start to give out so she gets a transplant, but ends up dying anyway. Trust me , though, there is a lot more to the movie than that.

The whole moral of the story is that women are the Steel Magnolias. We're pretty like flowers, and we're supposed to be delicate. That's the way everyone thinks of us. But in times of trouble, we're the ones who are made of steel. We stand strong and keep others from falling when times get tough. As women, we are made of steel. We can stick around when the guys can't. In times of sadness especially.

Personally, I consider myself very much a steel magnolia. I have this ability to, when needed, basically turn off my emotions so that I can hold up in the situation. The thing about this is that I also have to break down sometime later, as the girl's mother did in the movie. And I think that, as women, it is important to have this trait and pass it on to other girls who are younger, so that they can stand strong when the time comes.

Today there was a car crash re-enactment at our school. I knew about it, but I was not looking forward to it because I cannot stand sad things like that. However, myself and many other girls got through it without shedding a single tear. Yes, it was sad. Yes, there is a guy dressed as the grim reaper walking around, taking kids out of class. Yes, it has had an impact on many of us. But just because we are told "you should cry", doesn't mean that we can't stand tall and... take it like a man.

Now I want to go home and watch steel magnolias again. The original one, not the new, lifetime movie one. It is such a good, and emotional movie. It was made in, like, the 80's. I have a friend named Shelby, who was named after the main character in the movie. If you haven't seen it, I suggest watching it.

Elizabeth W.