May 13, 2013

Being Snow White

On Saturday, I dressed up as Snow White for the birthday party of a little girl named Bailey (I'm not sure about the spelling). She was turning two years old and she was absolutely adorable. I spent quite a bit of time carrying her around. We would play with toys and make faces at eachother and take pictures together. It was really fun for both of us. I would sit down with her because someone wanted to take pictures and they would put an infant in my lap also. When they had finished taking the picture and took the baby away, Bailey would fuss, as if to say "That's my baby, bring it back!". Bailey is a child that has been fostered by a woman who is not her biological mother since she was 6 weeks old. Now, her foster mother is going through the final steps of the adoption process so that she will have a forever home. It was so sweet of her mother to throw a special birthday party for her to celebrate it.

I suprised my boyfriend's little sister by showing up at her house as Snow White also. She always comes and looks out the glass in the door to see who has arrived, and when she did that on saturday, I could hear her say "It's Snow White!". For the first few minutes, she didn't really know how to react. She was also not quite sure if it was really Snow White or if it was me, dressed as snow white. She became kind of shy, just sitting there with her hands over her mouth, staring at me for about five minutes. Finally, she showed me her birthday cake (it was her birthday party on the same day as Bailey's, but she was turning 4 intstead of 2) and the swingset that she got. I loved her reaction.

This whole experience has been really fun, and I would love to do this again, whether I do it for a little kid's birthday party or on halloween or if I visit a kindergarten class or if I visit a children's hospital. It just makes me feel good to make little kids happy, and give them something to believe in.

I do plan on posting pictures of Bailey's birthday party and my costume, I just haven't gotten around to putting the pictures on my computer yet. I do have one picture on my Instagram, if you can't wait. I was on my computer last night, but I was working on a spanish project and printing out address labels for graduation invitations and putting them on envelopes. Hopefully, I will get some time to do things like this after school today. We are going to film a telenovela scene after school, then I will get to go home. I should be home by around 4:30 or earlier, since my parents have a teacher thing to do today after school.

Elizabeth W.