February 27, 2014

Tamagotchi and Word Counts

I watched a new video posted by Tessa Violet on her youtube channel and in the video, she mentioned that there is now a free Tamagotchi app! Apparently its because of the 16th birthday of the fun little toys of the late 90's. Anyway, I went and downloaded it on my phone this morning. I feel like a 7 year old again. I loved my tamagotchi, but I was never really that concerned with it. I always got bored with it and ended up putting a little slip of paper in the slot in the back to turn it off. Needless to say, I never raised my tamagotchi all the way.

I really like the app though. You can play it on what looks like the actual tamagotchi keychain player or you can just play it in app form. And you can turn on notifications that tell you when your tamagotchi needs you, which is really nice. Otherwise mine would already be dead.

I was talking with my mom yesterday about the book that I started writing Tuesday. I said I want to make it about 50,000 words, which is the length of a novella. We talked about nanowrimo and how you would have to write almost 2000 words a day to make it. I've been averaging about 800 words a day. We figure that I might be able to finish it in two months or so if I write more on some days. And spring break won't be a problem because I'll be bringing my laptop anyway. I'm so excited. I still have a lot to decide about the plot and the characters. But I think its going pretty well anyway. I plan to write some more after I finish my homework today. History. Blech.

The dog is still sick, which means I still have to clean up after her. And as soon as I finish cleaning up one mess, there is another, which I find unfair.

I wonder if I should name my tamagotchi. Any name ideas?