February 12, 2014

Irish Folk Songs and Sadness

I've done nothing with my morning. I spend an extra hour in bed. Watched some netflix. Drank a cup of coffee. Sang some irish folk songs and pondered if it was worth it to make a cover and put it up on youtube. I should have been doing chores and homework.

I used to sing stuff that had a similar style and sound when I was in choir in middle school. Only they were canadian and english instead of irish. Of course, we did learn the song version of "irish blessing" if that counts. I really don't feel like using proper capitalization today.

I woke up feeling terribly lonely and depressed, so I think thats what the deal is.

Freaking emotions.

Good news is that we have less than a month until the disney trip though, so I keep telling myself to be looking forward to that. Andrew and I had a discussion last night about the idea of me meeting some awesome guy when I go to disney. Ha. Fat chance. I think up situations like that all of the time and, guess what? They NEVER happen.

I have no clue where my optimism has gone. Maybe its the fact that valentines day is looming over me like this giant depressing pink monster thing. I am bad with words today.