February 18, 2014


I made my first online sale yesterday. It was a friend of mine, but I still am excited about it. It was a pair of barefoot sandals. I hadn't made any in the size that she wanted yet, but I made them this morning. I'm also making some business cards today with a discount code and a qr code on them. I plan to send them out with all the orders. I'm also going to make some plain ones to give out and send one of those too just so that I can get the word out. Surely somebody wants to know about the store.

I have also started looking through storenvy and ebay for cheap disney themed clothes to wear during spring break at disney. Not much luck so far.

These are the barefoot sandals. And my ridiculous pale feet. They're on the store now and I'm trying to get some more colors made up. The thing is, in order to take pictures of the others, I have to make a pair for myself., which I won't sell. I'm not particularly fond of other people's foot germs, and I assume that no one else does either. The ones that people will get are brand new and untouched by anything other than my hands and the package they come in.