February 21, 2014

You should know, Sunshine, you brighten my day...

It was super nice and sunshiney for several days in a row. And yesterday it rained. The sun came back today, but its kinda chilly, which makes the shorts and tanktop that I'm wearing today rather inconvenient. I miss the warmth.

I made a mesh shopping bag yesterday. Its pretty freaking adorable and I plan to put it up in the store today. I took someone else's pattern and modified it because I hated the way the strap was and the bag was too small. But this is the perfect size. I want to make more in different colors, but I need to get more cotton yarn. I think I might just order more online. I like the kind that comes in a spool because its easy to work with and doesn't get tangled. I got this spool that I'm using from my grandma, who gave it to me because she was teaching me how to make dish cloths.I love cotton yarn, but its more expensive than the acrylic stuff, which sucks.

The day before yesterday I was kinda depressed and upset about some stuff. But Andrew and I talked about it and I feel a lot better. Something that I like about Andrew is that we can talk about anything. And when we're done talking I always feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. He makes me smile. He is my sunshine when the darkness comes. I'm not sure that I've truly been able to say that about anyone else except maybe my youngest brother.

I've been procrastinating on doing my homework today. I didn't get ahead like I wanted. I'm terrible at this. I lack motivation.

I finished typing up my manuscript of the hamster book. I just need to print it. I'm not sure how I should format it though. Like, should I put the paragraphs on seperate pages and put the pictures in between? Should I put the pictures at the end and make notes in parentheses where the pictures go? Nothing that I have found can tell me. I need help.

Anyway, check on storenvy today and I will put the bag up for sale shortly.