February 19, 2014

It Feels Like Summer

Besides the fact that its only 65* and not super sunshiney, today feels like summer. I've started wearing shorts and tank tops and I'm loving it. Going barefoot and looking awesome thanks to my barefoot sandals too. I know that its still the end of winter. According to google, spring won't begin until March. But I feel like its summer, and I love it.

I had several days earlier on to get ahead on my homework. Did I? Nope. I'm a loser. So that means I'm going to try and get ahead today. I want to try and do two English assignments today. We'll see if that happens.

I'm currently listening to one of the many pop music stations on Pandora. Gotta love it. I also found out this morning that I am going to be reading my book at Tarkington Community Library on June 13th of this year. Part of the summer reading program that they do for kids. Pretty cool. My mom is mailing the first order from my online site today. And I made business cards and discount cards yesterday. Also, I will be at the craft fair thingy this Saturday at the Premiere Dance Centre in Cleveland as MERIDA! Whoo! Come on down and take a picture.

Gosh, I love iced coffee. I love coffee in general. It fuels my blog posts. And gives me a way to be awake in the morning with a functioning brain.

Oh, and only a little more than two weeks until the Disney Trip! WHOOOOO! I still haven't gone shopping, but hoping to this weekend or the next. Whoo. Thrift Shop!

I read a book yesterday that my best friend (one of the three, since I've now decided that Andrew fits in that category) gave me for Christmas. Its a really short book and it only took me about an hour to read it, but the story is lovely. Its about a boy who had an abusive father and a girl whose mom was a druggie and a hooker. They fall in love, but there's a lot more to the story than that. And, although we're in different situations, I feel like that mirrors Andrew and I a bit. But I'm not supposed to like Andrew as anything more than a friend. So I guess we're not like the book characters at all. Anyway, the book is called Sophie and Carter and its by Chelsea Fine. Its a nice little read if you are interested.

Also, I put the colorful barefoot sandals up in the store last night. Whoooo. Go check them out at the store by clicking the picture to open in the link.


Gosh, where has my sunshine gone lately. I'm a freaking debbie downer. blech.