February 4, 2014

The Day That James Had Energy and I Wanted to Go ADVENTURING!

So, James stayed home today also, but he has felt a lot better. Like, he actually got out of bed and we had some crazy random conversations. I started watching Adventure Time because I have never watched it and I wanted to know what it was about. This put us both in the mood to watch Chowder, one of our favourite shows to watch together when we were little, so right now that's what we're doing.

I really want to go adventuring, and I don't have the ability to. If James wasn't sick and it wasn't raining, we might, but that is not the situation. My version of adventuring is something that I haven't done in a while. Since last summer at least. Basically, its packing up snacks and flashlights and wearing rubber boots and heading out into the woods or down a road until you find something interesting. I went in an abandoned house once, and I've been blackberry picking in a neighbor's cow pasture and almost gotten into poison ivy. I've followed a little stream into the woods and found some old jars and bottles. I've gotten in trouble with a crazy neighbor for being in the woods near his property (but not on the property, mind you) with some old boards and a ditch, trying to build a bridge. I've run over a tree on a four wheeler in the woods and gotten stuck. I've heard people on a nearby piece of property and spun around, flinging rocks james-bond-style on a four wheeler. I freaking love that stuff. I have a few friends that enjoy doing that stuff with me.

I am totally craving an adventure right now. And with my new-found love of cameras and video, I totally want to video some of it. I think the only well-known person that I can relate this to is the adventures of this author, who does this type of thing in research for his books. I'm not as great at adventuring or as brave as he is though.
So, yes. If any of my friends wants to go adventuring some time soon, I am totally up for it. If not, maybe I'll just go out one weekend soon and adventure on my own, though its better when you can do it with company. Maybe I can convince James to come along. John still gets scared.