February 10, 2014

Unfair Wake Up Call

I fell asleep and started dreaming almost as soon as my family left the house this morning. Its kinda hard to stay asleep while they're moving around and getting ready to go. Normally, I get out of bed an hour after they leave. I even have an alarm set for 8:00. But not today. No. My grandmother on my dad's side called at 7:30 on the dot to ask if I could go with her to take sewing machine lessons. So I was interrupted from a pleasant dream, and I had to crawl out of the top bunk, half blind because my contacts werent in the right place in my eyes and make my way through the maze that is my house to my parents bedroom to answer the phone. And after a 60 second conversation, I crawled back in bed and pretended that I was sleeping for another 30 minutes until I convinced myself to get up. *whimpers because of lost sleep*

I was dreaming about an adventure where I was floating across a lake with a friend of mine on a giant beanbag chair. It was really cool and I would have loved to know how it was going to end.

In other news, yesterday was wierd. We went to my grandparents church instead of our home church because my dad's childhood friend was visiting. I like their church and I like their sermons, I just don't like people coming up to shake my hand and talk to me and stuff. I swear I shook 25 hands yesterday at least. *shivers in disgust* Then we went out to eat with them at this really horrible Chinese  buffet in town, at which I didn't really eat much because most of the food was too hot or cold and tasted funny. I did get to test out my book on a new audience though. The childhood friend that was visiting had two adopted kids. I got to read my book to one of them who seemed to enjoy it and was asking if I could read it again.

Then there was this crazy racist old man that came up and told off the parents for something really miniscule that one of the kids was doing (crushing ice that fell on the floor). The guy was literally across the room from the kid, so there was no way he could have been bothered by it. Plus, the kid had done that about 5 minutes before the guy even came up and said something. And it wasn't in his place to say anything. But the two adopted kids were black (not going to use a specific label because I'm not sure where they were from exactly, not because of racism, just lack of the proper word) and the parents were white. Freaking racist son of a gun. And as we left the restaurant shortly afterward, his daughter apologized to us, saying that he was crazy. Maybe people should start keeping their crazy relatives on a leash or something (said sarcastically, not meaning to hurt feelings or be mean).

I have homework due today. Ick.

But good news, we have less than a month until the Disney trip, and I bought a new backpack purse and some tank tops that were on sale yesterday while we were out. And my mom is against me getting an Instamatic camera for the trip. Dang it. But she seems to be okay with the idea of the FF5 concert later on in March though.