February 25, 2014

Not a Great Day

I woke up this morning to the sounds of my dog making a mess due to an upset stomach. I'll let you guess what that sounds like. After taking a shower, I cleaned up said mess and then took her out for a walk. I'm pretty sure that she is plotting against me.

I watched 2 movies today: Kiki's Delivery Service and The Artist. Actually, I'm in the first few minutes of the artist right now. Every time I watch it it makes me want to make a silent short film. Or even just a short film.

I also washed dishes and clothes today. I'm about to work on a bit of homework with hopes of getting a bit ahead.

I started crocheting a hat today, but I didn't have the right size crochet hook so it wasnt the right size and I ended up pulling out all of the stitches.

Dispite my day not being that good, I do feel a bit more optimistic and less stressed than yesterday. Yesterday I ended up doing several weeks of history homework in just a couple of hours. Oh, and my music class has reached a level that my brother can no longer help me. Whoo.