January 30, 2013

Getting Things Straightened Out

Yesterday I got my transcripts and scholarship applications sent off, which is good. They should arrive at their destinations by tomorrow. This is good, because it will be right on time. I also had a relative that was admitted in to the hospital. Please be in prayer for her and the rest of my family.

This morning I taught a lesson in FCA over the fact that God is the greatest artist. It really is an amazing thing to think about, especially being an artist of sorts. God made me and all of creation and he loves me more than is fathomable and even though I am imperfect, I am perfect and Christ has a plan for my life.

Yesterday during drama practice, I sat out in the audience and took notes while the other people performed. While doing so, I also wrote down lists of things that I was worried about, things I needed to do, and things that I had thought about doing but hadn't done yet. I don't know why, but lists help me keep track of my life.

One of the listed items was earning money on my blog and youtube accounts via ads. I know that if I do this, it won't start until this summer, when I officially turn 18, but it is still something that I need to think about. I could earn a teensy bit of money, collect it via paypal, then use it for various little things that I purchase over the internet. I can't really get a job, and I'm kinda forbidden since my parents want me to focus on academics, but I think it might help me out a little.

I want to ask you, the audience, what you think. I have never talked to anyone that has used ads and made money. My mom thinks its just a waste of time. I think it might be worth something in the long run though. If you have been successful at making money via ads, PLEASE leave a comment telling me how it worked out for you. I really do not know anyone to talk to about this, so I am relying on you.

Another item on the list was a vlog/blog schedule. Right now, I blog every day and vlog about once every two weeks or so. I want to remedy this problem. Also, when the summer comes I will have less time to blog but more time to vlog. (I know, its complicated) Then, when I go to college, I want to have certain days for certain things so that I keep track well and I can also do a back-and-forth vlog with my brother. (Speaking of which, I think that he might agree to it, since he is a kind-of nerdfighter himself. He is not as deticated as I am, but he is still a nerdfighter.)

So, I was thinking that I could do blogs every day for right now, and vlogs on wednesdays and other vides stuff on saturdays. Saturdays and wednesdays are my off days right now. Then, in the summer I could do vlogs on wednesdays, and blogs on fridays and mondays. I think then I'll have plenty of time to plan for stuff and still keep up ye olde blog and spend other days just doing other stuff and my other video stuff. I really think it could work.

So, if I don't have too much homework I will edit and post a vlog tonight. If not, then on saturday. I am really scared to be telling you this, because according to Meekakitty (yes, I am a fan of her too) if you tell someone that you will do something, you are less likely to do it, since you get the satisfaction that you need from just telling other people. I hope that isn't the case here.

I have started making a list of possible future vlog topics too. Many times I just turn on the camera and say whatever pops into my head, whether it is relevant or not. This really makes for some crappy vlogs, in my opinion. So, I think that planning them out will help me. If you have any vlog ideas, you can leave them in the comments also. Contrary to possible belief, I actually do read all comments on the blog and on youtube. And I try to respond to most of them.

Well, I have run out of things to say and I still have to google stuff and then read a chapter in my economics book before the test next period, so... DFTBA!

Elizabeth W.