January 29, 2013

Happy Post Of The Day!

Okay, so I woke up this morning to one of my friends posting on facebook that he is going to prom as the 11th doctor, complete with bowtie and fez. He isn't my date, but I am now ten times more excited about prom, nonetheless.

I am posting this from my fifth period class, since I don't feel like reading a book right now. I am trying to type quiety so that I will not draw attention to myself. I have already finished the assignment. Actually, I finished it yesterday. I just don't want to get in trouble for being on the internet or whatever.

Today I have to go to the post office immediately after school. I have to mail off a scholarship application along with some transcripts. I hope my mom doesn't make me drive to town. It will be really hectic due to traffic, not to mention I have never driven in town before.

I am significantly more relaxed today since I know that the transcripts and stuff will be taken care of. I am also very tired  since I stayed up late last night working on stuff and I drove to school this morning and didn't get to drink all of my coffee.

I hope to get to edit my vlogs and stuff on wednesday and get them uploaded. It is hard for me to make more vlogs without uploading the others first, because then the others become useless and outdated.

There is a chance that I might get a new camera for graduation. I hope so. I was told to basically look up which one I want. The thing is, I don't know which one I want. I would love a DSLR camera. Something with a good FPS would be nice. Then I could do some of the slow-motion things that I have planned but haven't gotten to film yet.

I checked out a new book from the library yesterday, "Dreamcatcher" by Stephen King. I have never read any of his books, but I figured this one looked good. I hope it is. If not, I will have to return in and find something more interesting.

I really want to read John Green's other books. An Abundance of Katherines. The Fault in Our Stars. The problem is my lack of money and ability to go to a book store, and the school library's lack of more interesting and more recently published books. My friend's older brother has all of the books, and she said she would ask him to bring them back from college so we could read them. But who knows how long that will take. Dah-vEEd, if you are reading this, which I doubt you are, you should somehow get all of your John Green books to Ellen ASAP and then tell her to give one to me to read.

I loved Paper Towns, I just felt that the ending was a bit of a let down. The person who seemed to matter most really didn't matter that much in the scheme of things. People part ways and it just bothers me that the ending is so sad and realistic. Then, so is life.

But the best thing about Paper Towns is that it makes me want to do something that will keep me memorable, even when I leave my town. I have already made some legacy with the blog and YouTube, but I still feel like I could do more. And I really have the need to do it before I leave high school, and to do it with my friends. Like, pull an all nighter doing things like Quentin and Margo did. Not mean things like revenge, but fun random things like going to the mall dressed in random costumes and spending a night in the woods in a treehouse and stuff that we will never get a chance to do again.

If you have any idea of things like this that I could do with my friends or a story of your own, leave it in the comments.

Elizabeth W.