January 28, 2013


Once the next few days are over, I will be glad. Heck, once January is over I will be glad.

So, today (actually, in a few minutes) I have to go talk to the counselor, who was not at school on friday but should be here today, and hopefully pick up my transcripts. If I can't get to her this period, I have to wait until lunch, which will no doubt be very bad and I probably won't find her.

As far as my college classes, I took a test yesterday and made an 80, even with only about 10 minutes of studying. I am working on getting my group together and I hope to be able to have a 4 way online chat/webcam thingy. I found this site that lets you have such a conference for free, I just hope the other people have webcams. I don't want to be the only one.

I have a test in spanish today which I probably won't study much for, but I will probably make a 90 or so nonetheless. Then, I have a composition rough draft due tomorrow.

Sometimes when I blog during this class, I wonder if the teacher ever questions what I am doing. I type a lot and very fast, so I think he might be confused sometimes, though he has never questioned me.

I have to get some college stuff done soon. I have to finish sending off stuff to complete applications and whatnot, hence the transcripts and the trip to the devil's office. I need to do so like, today.

I have to finish picking out pictures for my senior page, so I have to do that when I get home.

I also have drama practice every day this week but wednesday and saturday.

I can't wait until things slow down again. Oh, and there is another vlog and music video coming. I already filmed it, I just have to edit it. Don't forget to be awesome!

Elizabeth W.

Okay, I went to the counselor's office. I got the transcripts. But, I have to go back at lunch to see the counselor. Apparently they've been "swamped". Hmmm... Maybe because they're NEVER HERE?!?!?!?!?!? So, I have to go back at lunch and hope that she is in the office. Many times, she is not. If I can't find her then, I 'll have to stay after school, which is something that I dread. WHY!!!!!????

Elizabeth W.