January 14, 2013

Life Scouts and Sociology

So, before I forget, I want to inform all of you that I now have a tumblr. I really didn't plan on having a tumblr at any point in time, but yesterday I was on Youtube, watching one of Alex Day's videos. He started this thing called "Life Scouts". Basically, it is a bunch of badges that you can collect when you do something significant that relates to it. Then, you re-blog the badges on your tumblr with a description of what exactly happened. Then, if you want, you can actually order physical versions of the badges online that you can have in real life to show others. Its like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, but there are less rules and qualifications, and you can be any age. I just feel like it will get me to be unafraid to do things. And, when I do things like that, I can have something as a reward for it. Like if they made a rollercoaster badge, I might actually go out and ride a rollercoaster. Anyway, the badges are on tumblr at lifescouts.com. Then, you can buy the actual badges at another website that I cannot remember now. My tumblr, which I may or may not ever get on is lizardbreathwalker.tumblr.com.

I think that I may begin posting my lifescouts badges here also. A new badge comes out every day, so I hope to get one posted soon. I'll probably put it on tumblr, and maybe on the blog. I'm actually kind of excited about this. I think it would be cool if he would let people submit badge ideas. That way there could be a badge for each instrument you play, instead of just the guitar badge. Or there could be a badge for being in a play, and it could have drama masks on it. There could be a badge for being in or making a movie and it could have a camera or a clapboard on it. I might take and have a count of how many badges I have on my Youtube channel or on here or something.

I think I'll probably mention the lifebadges in my 365 nerds video. If you haven't heard already, a group of Nerdfighters are starting this 365 Nerd project where 365 nerds will all post vlogs, on on each day of the year for 2013. I signed up and so did several of my friends. There are still some spots open, just search them on facebook or youtube to get links to the project. My video will be posted on the 29th of July, AKA my birthday. I've already started planning what I will do, but it is still some ways away.

My online sociology class started today, and I am super scared about it. The instructor seems very strict and serious, and on our introductory discussion post, we have to have a picture of ourselves, which seems rather wierd. I'm not sure that I want all of these random college people knowing what I look like... There is also supposed to be a group project and stuff, which I am scared about also, since the only means of communication is over the internet. And, when people do group projects, there are generally a few people who sit there and don't do anything while the others (like me) pick up the slack. Grrrr...

I have been working on several scholarship applications lately, and procrastinating about writing the essays for them, but I sat down and wrote like three of them this morning (100 word essays) and I feel pretty confident that they will work. I will probably get my mom (a reading teacher) to look at them before putting my official stamp of approval on them, but I'm glad that I am almost finished with the applications.

I did film a vlog this weekend as promised, but I appologize for not uploading it. I was lazy and didn't start editing it until last night. I will probably put it up sometime this week or maybe this weekend. I have drama practice almost every day, along with Economics homework and other stuff, so video making is at the bottom of the priorities list.

Well, goodbye for today. I'm going to go try to get on tumblr from the school's computer, which probably won't work.

Elizabeth W.