January 25, 2013

If I could skip the next 45 minutes of my life... Wait, the next two hours...

I am really dreading what I am about to go do.

I am going to talk to the counselor.


Okay, so I really shouldn't be that worried, but I really hate confrontation. I hate talking to people who have authority over me. And I really don't care for the counselor lady anyway, since she has been nothing but mean toward me ever since I've known her and she is the least helpful person that I know, even though she should be the most helpful.

I have to go to her office and request 3 official transcripts (that is a really large number in my opinion) and get her to sign a scholarship application. WAIT! I just checked and realized that I really need 4 transcripts. I think I can just fill out a form to request trandscripts, but I have to actually talk to her to get the scholarship form signed. Ugh. I'm about to go. Wish me luck. Hopefully she doesn't eat me.

Elizabeth W.


Okay, I just got back. I was down there less than 5 minutes. I requested the transcripts. That was the easy part. But the actual counselor wasn't there. Only her secretary. That means I have to go back in there during lunch to see if I can get the form signed. Maybe they'll have the transcripts ready by then.

I'm scared that they won't have them ready in time though. The person who had requested transcripts before me requested them yesterday and they hadn't been marked off the list yet. Hopefully the secretary can get on the ball and get them done by the end of today. I would love to have all of this scholarship stuff and college complications taken care of before the end of January.

I got new glasses yesterday. They were some that I had ordered online, and they arrived yesterday. All I can say is that if you want to get glasses for cheap, online is the way to go. I'm still not completely adjusted to them though. Occasionally, I get dizzy or my vision seems skewwed. I think that should go away within a day or two though. It scares me when I am walking up and down stairs though, because I feel like I might fall down.

If I can get all of my homework done, I might do a Vlog this weekend. Or maybe a music video. I am really in the mood for a music video. I haven't done one in a while. I will be babysitting my little brothers on saturday, so I might make a video with them. They have never been in any of my music videos that I have uploaded to youtube.

I think I may do both. I just need to find a program to edit with. I want to use PowerDirector again, but I don't have the money :(. 

Oh, and I found out the other day that there is a tardis emoticon for on facebook and stuff.


I wonder if it works here. Probably not. Whatever.

Love (again),
Elizabeth W.