January 11, 2013

Random Facts About Me

So... I had this idea yesterday that I would make this blog post about random things that not many people know about me. None of them are super embarrassing. They might have been at one time, but I have since come to accept them as a part of who I am. I don't know why I'm doing this, I just felt like it would be an interesting idea. So... Here we go!

1. I am socially awkward and really quiet, unless I know you really well.
This makes me kind of scared. I was always a very quiet and shy child, but I am not as bad as I once was. Things like Drama and Choir have helped me to some extent. It scares me because I am striving to become someone that is well known and that you would recognize on the street. I just don't know how I will deal with meeting people, since I am really terrible at making conversation. I also am a very good listener, and listen even when I shouldn't so I have the tendency to randomly contribute bits to conversations that I am not a part of. Sometimes I don't even think about how wierd it must be for other people when I butt in. If I know you really well or have an interest in talking about something we have in common, I probably will be able to talk to you a little better. If I was sent on an errand or dread what our conversation might lead to, don't expect me to say much and don't expect me to be very loud. This is why I hate talking to school officials and such.

2. I don't know how to read time very well.
Seriously. I feel like such a dunce when it comes to this. It is like the fact that genius and retardation are so close to eachother on the smartness scale. I literally have come to dread reading time off of a normal clock. All of the clocks in my house are digital and I tend to buy watches that are digital. I never ask people what time it is, I just ask them how much time until whatever event I am concerned about. "How much time of lunch do we have left?" I use that one all the time. I just never got the hang of reading clocks when I was a child because we never went over it much when I was in school. I remember having maybe two lessons about it. So whenever I absolutely have to read a clock, I have to go through the mental process of "the big hand is the... minute hand because the word minute is longer than hour... It is in between these two numbers so this is the hour... The minute is this because... five, ten, fifteen, twenty... So the time all together is this!" When I used to wear a normal watch, people would ask me what time it was and I would just show them my wrist because otherwise it would take me at least 45 seconds, if not longer to figure it out and tell them. Okay, that was a little embarassing.

3. I don't go to libraries but I read a crazy amount of books.
This started a couple years ago because I turned a book in to the library drop box on the day it was due. Then, nobody checked the drop box for a couple of days, so I got charged a late fee of like 50 cents. I was outraged because I had technically turned it in on time, they were just lazy. So, I stopped checking books out from libraries. I simply buy the books or ask for them for my birthday or christmas. If I know someone has a copy of the book, I will just borrow it from them. I refused to do the same thing again and be charged another late fee. Not to mention, I never know what book to look  for in a library so half the time I check out a book and only get a few chapters into it before realizing it was rubbish or I had read it before and was just wasting my time. At our school we have to go to the library on our own time too, so I have to sacrifice my precious lunch time to go. We only have 30 minutes for lunch, so its not worth it.

4. I live in the corner of the living room in my house.
We have a really small house right now, and there is only one bedroom. My living area is a corner of the living room. I have my bed, which is exactly in the corner. Then I have a shelf with my books and various tube where I keep things that I don't use everyday. Then I have posters and memorobilia covering the two wall sections around me. This is where I keep basically every thing of mine except for clothing. Therefore, in my house there is no "Go to your room" because I lack a room. I'm actually kind of lucky though, because I will be used to living in a cramped space when I go to college, and the dorm I plan to be in is actually bigger than my current living space and the sleeping/personal space has a door that seperates you from the rest of the living area. Whoooo college!

5. I am the jack of all trades when it comes to crafts.
I have been a craft fanatic since I was a small child. I have always loved to paint and draw and color and make things. I started scrapbooking when I was about ten. I have been making things from clay since I was in kindergarten. I know how to make my own paper, not that I do, but I know how. I know some origami. I got into ducttape creating about a year ago, so I have quite a duct tape collection. I know how to sew something with or without a pattern and make it work. I can make my own jewelry, and have sold it on occasion. I modify my own t-shirts. I can screen print shirts and such. I watercolor paint cartoons and other artsy stuff. I made a paper mache piggy bank once, but someone fell on it and it caved in. I learn new stuff all the time, so there really is nothing I can't do.

6. I am and have always been (mostly) an A student.
It was never something that was forced or anything, it just happened. I started school making good grades and I held myself to a high standard of keeping those grades high. My parents never really punished me if I made a B or anything, I just felt like I had failed and tried to do better. I have never failed a class and I don't plan to. For me, a B feels like being mediocre and a C feels like failing. This might change when I go to college, but not much.

7. I am a speed reader.
I read books and things really fast. I can read a page in a minute that would take a normal person five minutes or more. I just can gather in the information really quickly. If the text is something that I really don't care about, the meaning seems to slip away rather quickly, or I might have to read it multiple times to fully absorb it. But, if its a novel that I am reading or an interesting story, I can read it and retain the information really fast.

Well, that is about all I can think of for right now. I might do this again later when I think of more things to say that are interesting. Oh, and I plan on making a video this weekend if I get the chance. Hopefully I get the chance.

K. Love ya. Bye.

Elizabeth W.