January 15, 2013

F is for Frustration... and Fish.

I am sooooo frustrated right now. How hard could it be to find a decent picture of myself via the internet? I need to post to my college course, but the professor says I need to post a recent photo of myself. Well, if I weren't posting from a school computer, that would be easy.

School computers are not only dinosaurs, but they have restricted internet access. Therefore, I cannot get on facebook or instagram to retrieve a picture of myself. I would have done this yesterday at home, but I was only home for an hour before I had to go to drama practice and I didn't have time to do anything once I got back. I have figured out that if I search "lizardbreathwalker" on google, I can find tons of pictures from my instagram and the videos I have posted and my blog and stuff. However, I cannot find a certain picture of myself that I am looking for. I posted it on instagram a while back, and I think it is probably the most recent and most decent picture I have of myself. So... I have to wait until after drama practice today to do any work on my college stuff.

I am in aquatic science this year (yep, I'm being a lazy senior) and our class just recently ogt fish for our aquarium. They're little blue gouramis or something like that. They're rather distracting and interesting to watch. I am really interested in fish right now because I found out that I can have a fish as a pet when I go to college, which is totally going to happen. I'm not sure what type I want though. Definately not a beta fish. I hate those things. Maybe just a goldfish or something.

I really want to put more lifescouts badges up, but I can't understand how to re-blog things on tumblr and I can't upload images from the school computer for some reason. I want to find new badges thtat I have stories about too, but only one new one is posted per day. I think I might make it a competition with my brother. I'll have to wait until there are more badges though. Otherwise, he'll just declare it stupid and declare me stupid for participating.

Oh, I think I just figured out a way to upload through Picasa web albums. WHOoO!!!

There are some badges that I plan on being able to get within the next six months or so. Like, I'm supposed to go to an art museum sometime soon (Mona Lisa Badge) and I will be getting my drivers liscense this summer or something (Driving Badge). I'm wondering if I can put the guitar badge up since I know how to play the ukulele. It is basically a mini guitar. And I tried to learn to play the guitar once. There are no official rules or anything, so I guess I could.

WELL, I'm really hungry and I want to go look at the lifescouts stuff, so BYE!

Elizabeth W.