January 17, 2013

Another Delicious Book

Sorry that I didn't post  yesterday. The school's computers were being stupid and wouldn't let me get on blogger for some reason. But I did get on Tumblr when I go home, and I'm slowly figuring out how it works...

Anyway, right now I am addicted to a book. I have had it for a while, but never read it. It was in a box of books donated to the school. It was in the wrong age range, along with a bunch of others, so I got to take it. Its called "Tithe" and the author is Holly Black.

I was really unsure about it at first. I just really wanted something to read, so I picked it off my shelf. The first few chapters are really boring. However, once you get past that, you can't set the book down. Its about a girl who is a "modern nomad", as stated by the back cover. She has these friends that are fairies, and then she finds out that she is one and it leads to a really complicated adventure mixed with several love stories and a bunch of odd characters throw in the mix.

I am on page 209, and I see myself finishing it by the end of tomorrow. I think it would probably make a great movie, but it would require a lot of special effects. Apparently it is the first book of a series, so I plan on getting the other two books as soon as I can. There is a little cussing and some inuendos, so I don't reccomend this for a young child. I would say anyone from ages 13 and up would really enjoy the book. It is an easy read, and really interesting.

I really have nothing else to talk about right now.

I have some "forbidden knowledge". I overheard a conversation and found out some stuff. But it was second-hand and some of the information I had to draw conclusions in order to guestimate what it means. Still, no one else knows about the fact that I know, so I feel special.

But knowing this almost-fact makes me curious about some things and makes me anxious about others. Grf.

I am really hungry right now though, and there is a whole hour almost until lunch.

I didn't have drama practice yesterday, so I was excited about going home and doing stuff that I wanted to do. Then, my dad had a bunch of papers to grade. A BUNCH. So, I worked for an hour and a half to finish all of my economics homework for the week and work a little more on some scholarship applications. Then, I went and helped him grade papers. I am a really fast grader becauseI memorize most of the rubric, and within 30 miniutes the gradin was finished. We got home a little after 6:00, so I only had time to watch one episode of doctor who, do the dishes, eat, and check my e-mail before taking a shower and going to bed. And I have drama practice for two hours today and four hours tomorrow. But I get saturday off.

It is really hard for me to blog today because of the fact that this book is so good. I start a paragraph, then after I finish it, I sit and read a few more pages. This book is so delicious. Wait. Can you say that about a book? It is so delicious to read? Well, it makes sense in my head. Whatever.


Elizabeth W.