October 28, 2014

Tswift, Seven, and Nanowrimo

Good morning world and all who inhabit it! How'd you like yesterday's blog? It wrote on it all day from my phone. I'm thinking that I'll do that more often.

I really don't have much to talk about this morning.

Sarah and I are going to Target after school today. Why, you ask? Because couponing earned me 2 $5 target gift cards, and I am in need of the awesome new album by Taylor Swift, 1989. I actually have only heard one song on it, but its tswift, so its going to be good. Even the songs of hers that I don't like that much are awesome.

Today is day 2 of Seven. I haven't had anything but water this morning and I'm kinda starving. But I'll get over it. I packed lunch meat chicken, a roll, an apple, spinach, and tiny tomatoes for lunch. So yummy. I'm just kinda waiting for it to be lunch time.

In other news, I'm reading a new book. Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker. Like 7, it started out kinda slow, plus I haven't had much chance to read. I'm only on page 7 (total coincidence). But I think its going to be good.

Nanowrimo is almost here and I'm not feeling so prepared. Like, I have some ideas, but I'm afraid of not being able to finish the ideas. 1667 words a day. Scary. I think my highest daily word count ever might be 2000. This is going to be hard. And I'm going to have to find time to write amidst the craziness of life. Homework and family and business and all that jazz.

I've got homework that I should probably work on. I need to get ahead for Nanowrimo.