October 27, 2014

Seven: Day 1

The first day of seven (see my previous posts if you don't know what that is) actually started a bit differently. My mom took the day off work to get some errands done. So, before we did anything productive, we had a breakfast of english muffins (bread), over easy eggs, and I had a half of a tiny tomato. It wasn't the best or most tasty meal, but it fit in seven and it was filling. I have a feeling I'm going to get sick of eggs though.

I then proceeded to spend like 3 hours doing homework before we left the house to run errands. First, we stopped by a store with a coinstar machine and I learned that pennies and nickels and dimes add up pretty fast. And my piggy bank of found change is now empty, although I plan on seeding it with some change I forgot.

Then, since the other places we were going to weren't open yet, we stopped at sonic for lunch. It was a bit of a break from seven, but not much. My mom and I aren't so obsessed with rules about this anyway. Its not the point of seven. Anyway, we had breaded chicken sandwiches on whole grain cibatta bread with light mayo, tomato, and lettuce. I've decided that oil doesn't count, so the mayo doesn't count. And we talked abour how lettuce is basically nothing. There is zero nutritional value. Like, its mostly water. WHY DO WE EVEN EAT THIS STUFF? Spinach is so much better for you, which is why its one of the seven.

After this, we stopped and bought a new pair of flats for each of us, since ours were dying. The ones I got were the same style as the ones I have been wearing since my senior year of high school. They look almost the same, but the new ones have tiny flowers on them. Mine were on sale, and $20 shoes (with a coupon too) were only $8.80. Pretty stinking awesome. And they might be one of the pairs of shoes I wear for the second month of seven. I haven't decided yet.

We then headed off to do some more errands. Mostly grown up paperwork type stuff. I hate lawyers offices and insurance places. I don't feel like I fit in. Everything is so fancy and leather and wood and polished stuff and all that jazz. Oh well.

After that, we went to Michael's and raided the 70% off bins. I love sale bins. Then, we stopped at Sam's club. Going to a store with lots of foods we couldn't have was like torture. And we did end up cheating a bit. We were starving, so we bought chicken salad (with cranberries, pineapple, and pecans) and had sandwiches on the way home. Not the biggest cheat ever. And even Jen allowed herself some cheat days. Its not like we ate Ethiopian food (book reference!).

Not a terrible first day. Now I have more homework to do, so I'll talk to you all again tomorrow.