October 21, 2014


I woke up this morning when my alarm went off. And then I rolled over and went back to sleep for another 15 minutes. When I finally did get up, I felt tired but happy to be awake at the same time. Or maybe it was just the feeling of being happy to be alive. Whichever it is, it hasn't gone away so far, and I like it.

My mother took a day off from work today to attend the funeral of a friend/classmate of hers. The lady passed away because of cancer. I didn't know her, but my thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Anyway, my mom is also using this day off to get a few different errands done. One of these is grocery shopping. We're still doing the couponing thing. Mom is going to pick me up when I'm done with my classes and we're going to do a small grocery trip, utilizing coupons and deals.

There's something that I learned recently about couponing. There are certain store specials that you can combine with coupons that can actually make money. Like, today, we have a target coupon that is a $5 gift card if you buy $15 or more of shampoo/bodywash/deodorant/etc. But, with some of the items that are allowed, I have coupons. This means that instead of just paying $10, we'll pay even less. And if we have enough coupons, it could mean that we get money back on a gift card besides the $5. Crazy, right? I think its really cool.

I really wish the college sold Starbucks drinks. Oh well. Time for coffee, I suppose.

I really wish I could have booked a Jamberry party or two this week. I had one booked, but the lady just decided to join as a consultant (not under me, which is bothersome and annoying) so there's no need for her to have a party through me. And she won't reply to my facebook messages either. Even when I KNOW she's online. I do have one booked for next week though. And hopefully I can double or even triple book next week. I need money, bad.

I need to buy my Elsa wig this week ($15). And I need to buy about $50 worth of stuff to make the Jamberry Gift Jars to sell (I sold all the finished ones that I had). And I want to buy a thing for part of Sarah's Christmas gift ($10), but I want to get it and give it to her early. And I need to have money for Ren Fest ($$$). All of that, basically in that order. Blah.

I have a group project to work on for Speech (that I have yet to do anything but research a bit for but is due Friday) and stuff to work on for Biology. I should go do that.