October 14, 2014

The One After the Busy Weekend and Columbus Day

I know that I never worry about little holidays like Columbus Day, but I was tired and lazy and my family was home and whatnot. I didn't feel like blogging yesterday. I needed a break from everything, and that's what I got.

I'm still extremely tired. I think I might have forgotten my keys this morning. I also forgot to film my vlog yesterday, which means I get to do so later today. And I misplaced the hoodie I normally take to school with me, so I wore my Sherlock jacket instead. Which is good, since it was kinda cold today. Like 50s-ish cold, which is cold for me. Maybe not for anyone else.

I think I need some coffee. But I want something that actually tastes good. Not extremely strong coffee with nothing but cream and sugar in it that still tastes like there's nothing in it. I'm thinking that a creamaccino (like a frappaccino) would be really good. The only problem is that that is a cold drink. And its more expensive than the plain coffee. Oh well. I can sacrifice warmth for taste.

I really want to just curl up on the chair and take a nap. I'm sitting in a different place this morning, so that is actually close to being possible. We got here kinda late this morning due to a wreck that we had to go around and traffic and whatnot. I'm still really tired though. And this jacket is so warm. Is it possible for a college kid to take a nap between 9:00 and 11:00 with people all around them? Maybe.

I keep waiting for the line at the coffee thing to get shorter, but it keeps getting longer. Ick. People.

I have a group project due for speech class at the end of next week. I should probably get started on my part of it soon. I've been out of touch with one of the members of the group for a couple of days. She never emailed me back for some reason. Weird.

I also have another essay due Friday for government class. I think I'm supposed to be doing all kinds of extra online review and work for that class that doesn't count for a grade. The thing is, I can get by without it. Plus, I'm making decent grades in that class and I don't really have time for all that extra stuff.

Across the room from the table and chair that I'm sitting at, there is this big shelf full of a bunch of different books and vhs tapes and stuff. It has prices on them and you have to pay for them downstairs in the library. I really want to go over there and look through the books, but its kinda in the way of people walking by. Not to mention, most of them seem to be educational or adult mystery/romance/etc novels. BORING.

People keep ordering caramel macchiatos at the coffee shop. I  have never had one of those before. I looked it up and it sounds good. Perhaps that's what I'll have. I've been here for like an hour, I should probably just get some freaking coffee already. INTROVERT PROBS.

Oh, I forgot to mention how the princess party went this weekend. After searching all Friday evening for a Cinderella wig, we finally settled on a plain blonde, crappy wig from party city. We ended up combining that with a cheap hair extension bun thing from Sally's Beauty Supply that matched to create a Cinderella look. And we pinned everything down to the point that my head was sore half way through the party. And the Cinderella dress I borrowed was too big in the chest/stomach/shoulder area, so my mom basically sewed me into the dress. She hand sewed a few little things on the back and front to make the dress fit. She had to cut the threads for me to get out of it. And I got some really sparkly high heels from Payless that had to substitute for glass slippers. And I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to use them for Elsa also. And, yeah, I know my actual hair is showing. I did my best to hide it with the wig.

The Elsa party didn't happen because I couldn't find a costume in time. I'll have to order the costume online. In fact, I need to get my mom to do that tonight. I'll pay her back for it, of course, but my bank accounts are currently kinda drained. And it will take at least 2 weeks to get here, so I need it ordered ASAP.