October 16, 2014

Sick on Thursday

I'm blogging from my phone today. Why? Because I feel like crap and dont want to risk barfing on my computer. And because I have like zero energy. Whatever bug I have, both of my parents had it a couple of days ago. It sucks. I really just want to lay down and sleep for a few hours. For this reason, I chose to sit on the comfy-ish bench (actually three chairs pushed together) instead of at a cafe table. I kinda want some coffee, but the thought of eating or drinking anything is sickening.

Its cold in the mornings now. Its so nice. Especially on days like this where too high of a temperature would make me feel even worse.

I need a nap.

I need my stomach to stop feeling icky.

I need my theatre professor to not make us do any major stuff today.

I should probably have stayed home today.