October 20, 2014

Butterbeer and NaNoWriMo Prep

This morning, I found a recipe on Facebook for hot butterbeer. And then I looked up the same recipe on eHow. AND IT FREAKING TASTES LIKE BUTTERBEER. So good. But its really sweet. But still, I made butterbeer! I can add that to my list of cooking successes.

So, on Saturday, I pulled out my collection of old pictures with the intent of brainstorming and writing. But plans changed. I decided that I'm officially participating in NaNoWriMo this year!!!!!!

I know, its a very sudden decision. I've got about eleven days to make preparations. I've spent time yesterday and today doing my own version of outlining/storyboarding. I printed out tiny copies of the pictures that I'm basing my novel on. I taped them up on the wall, and then got out my sticky notes. I write any plot ideas that I have on a sticky note, then put the sticky note with the picture it belongs with. I'm basically going to be working on this part through November. Trying to get the bulk of it done right now though.

Because its based on the pictures, this is a kind of historical novel. It turns out that requires a lot of research. I've also written down some major historical events that I want to incorporate. I can't tell you how many things I've googled and asked my parents about just since Saturday.

I'm super excited and super scared about this, but judging from the amount of likes I got when I posted to facebook about it, I will have people supporting me. However, I may not blog as much in November. I have to get about 1667 words minimum per day, though I'm shooting for 2000. Normally, I'm lucky if I can manage 1000 in a day. But I'm going to make it. I'm determined. And because of days that I won't have much time to write, I'll probably be bringing my laptop EVERYWHERE and writing extra when I get a chance.

Anyway, if you'd like to send me gift cards or coffee or chocolate or post it notes or new journals, I'd really appreciate them, haha. I kinda want an early Christmas gift of a bunch of writing stuff. Totally not going to happen though. And I don't want to seem like a needy, greedy person, so I've avoided even posting the idea on Facebook. Next year, I'll have to make a NaNoWriMo survival kit. And start preparing earlier.