October 25, 2014

The Ever-So-Rare Saturday Blog

This morning started out rather pleasantly, so I decided to continue it that way. That means, I'm allowing myself a cup of coffee (decaf, since I've just gotten over caffeine headaches in preparation for seven) and a Saturday blog. This is happiness.

I also forgot to tell you about the wedding dress adventure that Sarah and I had on Thursday. Its a pretty good story.

Thursday, Sarah and I had 3 hours for lunch, as opposed to our normal hour. She made the suggestion to go out to eat, so we had some great Chinese food at a local restaurant that's decently priced. But after eating, we still had a good two hours to waste. So, we went to do something that we have been wanting to do for a while... Wedding dress shopping.

Now, the original plan was to actually go in and try on wedding dresses. We would make up some kind of story, get a real-looking but totally fake engagement ring, and one of us would try on wedding dresses. Then, we would change up the story and the other person would try on dresses. But, because of some crazy circumstances and lack of time to prepare a story, we didn't exactly do that.

We walked into this pretty high-price wedding dress shop and I immediately felt like I was way out of my depth. I'd never been in a wedding dress shop before. I'd been prom dress shopping, but that's different. A lady at the front desk greeted us and Sarah told her that we were just looking around and  "hadn't planned on shopping but had extra time and decided to drop in". So, we began looking around at all of the dresses, and there were a LOT to look at.

This is where the crazy part happened. I didn't tell Sarah about this. Have you ever had like a eureka moment? Just one moment where you get the perfect idea or something becomes perfectly clear? Well, I had one of those moments, but it wasn't a eureka moment, it was a moment of fear and panic. It was the instant that I touched the first wedding dress. I became instantly terrified. It lasted about 1.5 seconds and then I was able to move on like nothing had happened. But it was really weird and scary. And now I'm a bit less anxious to get married and wear a white dress and all of that jazz. It can wait. Its crazy, since my mom was engaged to be married at my age. I can't imagine that.

A little later on, the lady at the front desk walked over to where we were to check on us. She ended up asking Sarah when the wedding was. I'm not the fibber. I can't tell a lie to save my life. I can act, but telling lies is not my forte. So, Sarah told her that the wedding was May 26th of 2015. When we got back to the car later, we looked it up. That's a Tuesday. No one has a wedding on a Tuesday. Hopefully she didn't look up the date.

Looking at wedding dresses was fun though. I didn't really see anything that I liked there though. Not to mention, those were all $1500 to $2000 dresses. That's ridiculous. My mom payed about $150 for the material for her dress and a friend made it as her wedding gift. And it was a pretty dress for that time. It also wouldn't fit me. I've tried. Plus, its kinda yellowed now. Sarah likes dresses with lace, which are on the more expensive side. I like ones with lots of tule. I want to feel like a princess on my wedding day.

I have homework to do (on the weekend, ICK!) and a video to edit, so I should probably get to it.