October 23, 2014


I started this morning with a concern if Sarah was going to pick me up and go to school today. She wasn't feeling good yesterday and because of a google-ing of symptoms (never trust a google diagnosis) she ended up in the ER. But, turns out it wasn't as serious of a problem as she had feared, So, she's okay, although rather uncomfortable, and we made it to school ahead of time.

Now, I'm enjoying the Shakira pandora station and being left alone by the people in the room. So nice.

I can't recall if I have talked about seven before. Anyway, there's this book that I read (and that now my mother is reading) that is called "Seven" and its by Jen Hatmaker. Its about her 7 month (well, its technically 10 month) experimental fast. In the bible, seven is the number of perfection, which is why she chose that number. The whole thing is to try and learn how much excess we are living with and learn to live with less and care more about others and such. Read the book if you want a better explanation. My mother and I have decided to do our own version of seven. Seven months, seven areas of removing excess, just modified to fit our lives.

The first month of Seven, she only eats 7 foods (prepared various ways) with the exception of water, salt, pepper, and a couple of days where she eats other kinds of foods because of her circumstances. Her foods are Apples, Avocados, Bread, Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, and eggs. Good for her. I don't really care for avocados, And I'm not a huge fan of sweet potatoes unless they're baked under a layer of marshmallows during the holidays. So, starting next week, I will be existing off of rice, eggs, chicken, spinach, bread, apples, and tomatoes.

Because of my ridiculous dependency on caffeine to keep me awake and thinking, I've decided to go ahead and get started on the only-drinking-water part. I've got this huge 32oz water bottle that I got at target the other day and I'm carrying it around most places with me. I managed to almost drink a whole 32 oz of water yesterday this way. I did have a pretty bad caffeine headache for most of the day though.

I'm also worried about nanowrimo. I mean, generally its fueled by caffeine and chocolate! What will
I do without these things for 3 of the weeks in November??? By the grace of God, maybe I can make those 50,000 words.

I've got homework to work on before I get interrupted. Gotta go.


Oh, I forgot to mention this earlier. Tab for a Cause is pledging $0.25 toward Save the Children’s Ebola relief efforts for each new Tabber. In response to the outbreak, Save the Children is training health workers, distributing supplies, educating the public, and finding care for orphaned children. I think its a great cause, and all you have to do to help is download and install tab for a cause. Remember, every little bit helps.