March 18, 2013

What Time Is It?


Haha. I have to go with the one act people today for our official rehearsal on the contest stage. We have to eat first lunch again, which is good because I am super hungry, and I hope to be able to sleep on the bus.

This morning I was just leaving the house, almost out of the driveway, when I got a text message from my drama teacher. Don't forget to wear your one act shirt! So, we had to back up and I ran inside and got it, then changed at school. I think she needs to work on her timing of text messages. I wasn't the only one who almost forgot either. She said that she told us to wear them today when we were at practice on monday. However, I don't think that she did, because no one can remember it.

I have developed this brochitis-y cough thing again. It is really annoying, and it scares me a bit since contest for one act is on friday. I hope it goes away. My throat doesn't hurt or anything, but I keep coughing. Not a shallow "Oh, I'm sick" cough, but a serious bronchitis-y cough from my lungs. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I have a song stuck in my head right now that is from adventure time, by the way, hence the intro. I don't watch adventure time, nor will I in the near future, but I saw the cover of the song "Good Little Girl/Bad Little Boy" that Meekakitty did, and I loved it. So, I learned it on the Ukulele, but I still don't know the very last verse in the version that she sang.

Good little girl, always picking a fight with me,
You know that I'm bad, but you're spending the night with me,
What do you want from my world? You're a good little girl...

Bad little boy, thats what you're acting like,
But oh, I don't buy that you're that kind of guy,
And if you are, why don't you just say goodbye?

Good little girl, you've stolen my heart... Something something something.

I really don't know the rest, so if you do, please tell me in the comments. I don't mean the monologue version either. I should probably just look up the video of meekakitty and rusty, then just make a video of my own of me covering it.

On the first sunday of spring break, I had a skype date with my dearest. It was fun, and slightly awkward, but then again, I've never skyped anyone before, so that was probably the reason. I played that song during the date. Just FYI.

On saturday, we went to Ellen's house after drama practice and hung out. We had burgers and then we sat and watched a video of our play that we had made earlier that day. After that, we went outside and built a fire and roasted marshmallows. I brought my ukulele along and I played it when we were outside. It started by me just playing it randomly, four chords over and over. Then another person, Jack, said something and I sang it back to him whilst playing those four chords. Then Jenna asked me to narrate her life, so she began spouting out facts and I started singing them off-key and to random tunes to the sound of the ukulele. And eventually everyone was singing what they were saying. We even sang part of "Take On Me" in a very loud and off-key way. It was like an impromptu jam session, but with a ukulele. I should start bringing it everywhere, so things like that can happen more often.

I have pretty much given up on my stocks. I have lost over 5 thousand dollars, but I've made more than enough trades to make a 100 in the class.

My family and I were watching movies on netflix last night. First we watched "Thou Shalt Laugh", which is a video of a christian comedy performance. It was pretty good. Then we watched the second one, "Thou Shalt Laugh 2: The Deuce", and it was just as good, if not better. My absolute favourite  comedian on both of them was the guy with the puppets. I forget his name. I am really tempted to buy a pig puppet like he has, since he sells them on his website. I really liked the lady from SNL, Victoria Jackson, too. At least I think she was from SNL. Anyway, She played the ukulele, but I think it was a bigger ukulele, possibly even a lower sounding one too. I liked her song "Nice Ukulele". Oh, I looked it up and she plays a BARITONE ukulele. Thats pretty cool. I want a ukulele that hooks up to an amp or whatever. That way I can perform in large spaces and people can really hear the ukulele.

So, for some reason google still won't approve my adsense account and I don't know why. I guess I'll wait until the summer and try to figure it out then. I think it might just need time, but I do need to do some research as to why it won't accept it.

Elizabeth W.