March 8, 2013

Almost (Temporarily) Free!

Today is the last day before spring break. WHOOO! I look foreward to having time to do things that I want to do and stuff. NOT! I get a couple of days off, but I have drama practice five of the nine days, and a dentist appointment one of the days and church two of the days. GAH!

I have a group project due today and I haven't gotten to finish it because one of the group members hasn't given me the information so I can type it up. She was supposed to email it to ma, and she had two days to do so. However, it did not reach me. I even got up extra early this morning just to check my email. GAH!

However, the show must go on. The project is actually a spanish fashion show. I will check my email via my phone during next period, just to see if somehow it reached me late, but otherwise I'll just turn her stuff in on a seperate page. I would go hunt her down and get the stuff but I don't even know her name. GAH!

Is it strange that I hate the audible, purposeful, loud clicking sound made by some computers when you click on a link? I really hate it, and I don't know how to turn it off. I find it simply obnoxious. I don't want a computer making a clicking noise and letting everyone know that I'm clicking on something. Its none of their business.

I think it would be cool to make some GIFs to put on here and tumblr and stuff. I learned how to make GIFs once, but I have since forgotten. I guess that will be a spring break project. I can start with some of the video footage that I have and do that. Or, I could enlist the help of you people and be lazy, but make it a contest. I don't know what I would give to the winner besides winning. Or the air from my lungs...

Oh, doctor who, you never cease to amaze me with your quotableness. Is that a word? Quotableness? Quotability? As far as the GIF contest, it is not official yet, just an idea. The doctor is almost to his last regeneration though. He can regenerate one more time according to timelord legend. I think BBC will probably just make something else up, as always. I think it would be cool if the doctor came to america in one of the episodes. Or, there could be another doctor who series filmed and set in america. I feel like it wouldn't be as cool though. Or a doctor who cartoon series. If you can't tell, I haven't watched doctor who in a few days and I'm having withdrawal symptoms.

I really don't know if I'm going to blog over spring break. I think I may just focus on video stuff, but then again, things rarely go as I plan them. I also cannot do google adsense yet. I tried to set up an account yesterday, but I got an email saying that it was denied. Whatever, I'll just wait until the summer. I think I should maybe post a picture everyday to show what I have been doing, even if I don't do much describing.

I got my progress report back today. All A's. High range A's at that. And the school secretary just walked in and told me that during lunch I need to go pick up the cookbooks that people ordered via me and my mom and project graduation. I really hate project graduation.

Project graduation, for those of you who don't know, is a organization made up of the parents of the most popular and rich kids in school who were the most popular and rich when they went to school. They get together every week and decide on fund raisers and things that people in the senior class have to donate. Then, at the end of the year when they are done torturing every student and graduation is over, they throw a big party the night of graduation. There are all kinds of games and  drawings to win prizes and stuff that students might want for college. The main point of it is to keep kids safe on graduation night. I like the whole idea, just not the meetings and fundraisers and torture parts.

I did not have coffee this morning, I just don't have anything else to do. SORRY!

I think I am getting really good at blogging. I mean, the blog is just like my place to talk about things that I want to talk about and let people read them if they want to. I can be interesting or boring... Whatever I want. And I don't stay on one topic so long that I bore the audience to death, like other bloggers do. If you're gonna talk for fifteen paragraphs, change the subject every once in a while.

I have updated the lifescouts page some more. I check back to the actual website for new badges at least once a week, if not more often, so I can keep on top of things. They don't really release them every day like they did the first month, which kind of bothers me, so I can't add badges too fast. I'm thinking about asking for the badges that I have for my birthday or christmas or something. Just the ones with interesting backstories though. Like the swimming badge, and the videogames badge, and the pet owning badge, and the chess badge, and the rubik's cube badge. They're about $5 each so thats $25 or so. Not too shabby for something that I will carry around and be able to use to talk with people.

I wonder if I'll meet anyone who collects lifescouts badges in college. That would be cool. We could like, compare badges and stuff. And if I get my brother started on collecting them, we can talk about them in the vlog series that we shall do. I cannot wait for that vlog thing to start. I cannot do so until I go to college though. It is forbidden by my brother, because I will still be living at home and there would be no purpose. I wonder what days we'll do it on. I feel like once a week to start off should be good.

Back to the college thing... I have this fear that I will not meet anyone that wants to be friends with me in college, and that my roommate will be a really terrible person that I cannot get along with. I'm an extreme introvert, so it is really hard for me to make an effort to meet people and make friends. I know I'll meet people in my classes, but that isn't always a guaranteed friendship. Sometimes it just gives them someone to copy work from. I'm excited about college and I want to go, but I'm also scared and sad that I have to leave behind so many great friends. GAH!

Twenty minutes left in class. OH, I can check the stock market. I had completely forgotten about that. I'm ranked 41. I've lost over $3000 overall. Looks like I'm selling for a loss and investing in something else. Curse you SWVI! Everything else was going up, but that made me lose like, $5000. GAH!

I added my blog to the bookmarks for this school computer yesterday. I feel like one day some random kid will be messing around and find it. They'll click the link and be like, WOAH, This is cool! Either that, or be really bored.

I have drama practice from 4-8 today. BOOO! But, I get to Skype with my dearest on Sunday. I've never actually used Skype before. I have an account, and I have it on my phone and my computer, but I've never actually had someone to Skype with until now. Hopefully I can figure it out. I also want to do a livestream on youtube someday. I just haven't gotten around to figuring out how that works yet.

I really exhausted all of the things I have to say. Have a good weekend, see ya on monday, maybe!

Elizabeth W.