March 19, 2013


Yes, it is true. I am almost done with Les Miserables. I love this book so much. I know what is going to happen, but its nice to read it in words. My favorite character right now is Gavroche. I think it is because of the way he was portrayed in the 25th anniversary edition that I watched. He was so adorable. And now that I am reading the book and I know his backstory, I almost feel sorry for him. His parents didn't love him, so they cast him out into the street, and he made his way on his own, even though he was just a child.

My friend, Ellen, who loves Les Miserables, got slightly upset at me yesterday. It wasn't anything major, she was just appauled that I wasn't reading the full version of Les Miserables. She said that I should have to suffer through all of the thousands of pages in the whole version. I don't think I could ever do that. If I can't finish a book in three weeks or less of reading in my spare time, I get bored with it. Thats why I haven't read some books like LOTR and stuff. Oh, that AND the vocabulary sometimes just bores me to death. There shouldn't be THAT many words that I don't know in one book. And sentences should be less than five lines long.

Yesterday was rather productive for those of us in One Act. However, it was more so to the crew than the actors because the actors didn't really get to run through the play. After the rehearsal, we went to eat at a burger place in the same city. Its called Jax or Jack's or something like that. They have amazing food at a decent price. I had a three cheese 1/3 pound burger, fries, a Dr. Pepper, and a chocolate milkshake afterwards. It was so delicious and I was super miserable on the way home from eating too much. I didn't think that I was that hungry, but when I got my food, I devoured it immediately.

We also had the great idea to order using the names of the characters in the play. So, I went up there when they called for "Tillie". It wasn't spelled right though. They spelled it with a Y instead of an IE. We were a little annoyed at that, but the reciept is still going in my smash book. Speaking of which, I have collected a bunch of stuff to put in there, so I think I'll sit down this weekend and put it all together.

I am so ready for all of this crazy mess to be over with so that I can have free time again, and catch up on my sleep. I think I might try out for the talent show this year. I did it last semester, but it was cancelled because not enough people showed up. I'm not sure what I will do though. I could sing and play the ukulele. Or I could just sing. Not really sure. Or I could do a combined act with my little brother, since he is in middle school and we could both play the ukulele and sing. Or he could play the ukulele and I could sing. I don't know. I had a song ready last semester, so I might just do that one.

I meant to show my lifescouts collection to my friends yesterday because I told them about it and they thought it was cool. I keep forgetting that not everyone watches the same youtube channels that I do, and that not everyone keeps up with british pop culture like me. It is kind of annoying to be into different things than everyone else my age in the same area. I mean, it shows that I am very much an individual, but I get kind of tired of it sometimes.

I watched this video the other day called "Llamas with hats". Its not a super nice video, but its kind of funny and kind of dumb. It was made by the same people as the charlie the unicorn videos. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I won't explain it. CAAARRLL! THAT KILLS PEOPLE! haha.

I hope to be able to work on the legacy videos some more this weekend. I'm brainstorming as I go, and I have some ideas, so I just need to write them down and make the videos. I'm really excited abou this mini-series type thing. I saw a video yesterday that seemed almost like it was copying my idea to some extent, but it was on a different subject matter. Plus, I think many people do that same style of video as I used in Legacy, so I'll let it go.

Elizabeth W.