March 21, 2013


Yesterday, at about this same time, I finished Les Miserables. It was a good book, but I was glad to finish it. Then, at lunch I went back to the library and got a new book. I was planning on getting "The Statistical Probablility of Love at First Sight", but I saw another book that I got instead. Its called "Room" and its by Emma Donoghue.

Room is about a boy who lives with his mom in this one room building. His mom was kidnapped and put into this room buy the character "Old Nick". She was used sexually by the man, and the boy, Jack is their child. Through a very complicated plan, they manage to escape. And thats as far as I have read. I'm about half way through. I think I might finish it by tomorrow. I think I'll check out another book today, just to make sure I have plenty to read tomorrow.

Tomorrow is one act play competition day. I'm scared and excited at the same time. It feels like there should still be a month's worth of practices left, but we only have today. I just want to get it over with.

I have drama practice today, but I also have to stay after school. I have to be in tutorials to take a quiz that I missed in spanish class. I'll probably have to go to tutorials on monday too, to do what I miss on friday. I just want the week to be over already. Tomorrow will be such a long day.

I really want to get back to reading, because I was at a really intense part.

Elizabeth W.