March 11, 2013

Free Day Monday...

I almost typed friday, because it would sound good.

Yes, today is monday, and free day monday because it is in fact spring break. I am currently discussing graduation with my grandmother while stealing my brother's french fries. It almost feels like summer.

I am enjoying being away from one act and all of the people associated with it. I miss my friends, Ellen and Maddie, and the other people are fun to be around, but I really don't feel like the practices are enjoyable anymore. I would quit, but I'm the lead actress, and I think my director would kill me. Especially since I have her for drama class also. I just have to muck through it.

I have been kind of lazy all day. I listened to music and watched youtube videos. I watched a movie and washed some clothes and dishes (seperately, of course). Since my grandmother just left, I am listening to vlogbrothers videos while blogging.

I realized yesterday, while watching fun summer-y music videos, that I really want to go to the beach or go swimming or something of that nature. I just have no way to get there. I have several friends who went to the beach this week, and some of them even went to florida. But... I am stuck at home while my parents are out car shopping.

I have also watched quite a lot of movies during this time away from the school-ish place of torture. Like, in the last three days I have watched more movies than I have in the last three weeks. I watched Wreck-It-Ralph, Oz the Great and Powerful, Here Comes the Boom, Red Dawn, and I feel like there was another one, but I cannot remember one. I also neglected to check my stock today and I cannot because the market is closed. SNAP.

I enabled ads on my videos on youtube, but I have not been approved for an adsense account. I do not understand. Google, Y U SO CONSUFING? Okay, that was a terrible typo, but I felt that it was still kind of awesome so I left it there.

I also tried to find some geocaching apps to work on my phone, but I haven't been majorly successful yet. I really want to go geocaching, but I have not gotten a chance to do so yet. And I am now cooking waffle fries and drinking cherry dr pepper. Awesome foods FTW!

I have a sudden urge to go biking, but I am babysitting, so I cannot. And my parents may not get back before dark, so I will probably go biking tomorrow.

I found out today that, thanks to my younger brother who is made of awesome, my grandfather is addicted to Doctor Who. Nerdfighters for the win!

I gotta go do something. Maybe.

Elizabeth W.

Oh, and go vote for forever the fierce so that they can play Warped Tour. It would mean a lot to them is you did. You can vote once each day.