March 28, 2013

Launch Date!

Okay, so first of all, I have to announce that as of today, the blog has reached over 1000 views this month! WHOOOOO! And, that means that something special is about to happen.

Yesterday I was sitting there in one of my classes and thinking about nothing in particular. And I had this idea. I like to learn, but I can also teach. Many other people want to learn, but cannot understand some topics until they are explained in detail. I can teach them, but how? And then it hit me. I could use YouTube in the same way as Vsauce and SciShow and all of those other fantastic people, in the way of teaching people about things. But I could not think of one thing in particular that I want to teach, so I figure, why not teach all the things!?

So, starting in April, I will be posting videos every week to my second channel, Knowledge Days. Its called knowledge days because each day of the week is deticated to a different subject, and the whole thing is about learning and teaching. Here is the schedule:

Monday - Math

Tuesday - Language

Wednesday - Science

Thursday - History

Friday - Fun Stuff

I will be posting a video on that channel within the next 48 hours to explain in more detail about the show. I hope to record and upload them in advance and have them be published on those days.

I was hoping to have this ready in time to participate in VEDA, which is the idea of doing a Video Every Day in April. It was something that I heard of from one of the Green brothers. I will still be posting things on my main channel, because this is just like a side project. An expansion of what I am already doing to fight against stupidity and world suck. I hope to get that started by April first, but I may have to wait until the monday of the next week: April 7th.

Yesterday I filmed several videos for the channel and shortly afterwards I realized that I was wearing the same shirt in each video. So, I think  I'll make it so that in each week of videos I wear a different shirt, that way I have the ability to film all of the things in one day. The only thing that I am concerned about is editing the videos. I may recruit my brother to help me with that, since each one will be about 2 or 3 minutes long.

Tomorrow we don't have school because it is Good Friday. Its the Christian holiday where we remember the day of Jesus' death on the cross, and three days later we celebrate him rising again through Easter Sunday.

I have something that I will be doing on Saturday, plus I have to take a test for my online Sociology class. Gosh, I am ready for that class to be over.

Next week I have talent show auditions on monday. I'm scared and excited at the same time, because I'm not quite decided as to what I will be performing. I have had several ideas, I just can't decide. I guess I'll know by monday though. Then on Saturday of next week, I will be visiting a college with my mom. I've been to that one before, so its not a big deal. Wednesday of the week after that, we have our official rehearsal on the Hunstville stage for one act play. The next day is the contest, which I am very scared about because I don't know what to think about it. I hope we advance. Then, on Friday I am taking a college day to go with my mom and spend two days at a college in San Marcos, which is pretty far away. We have to spend the night in a hotel and visit the college the next day, so I will be missing school. There is supposedly a mall nearby that we will hopefully visit. And those are my plans for the next few weeks.

Happy Weekend!

Elizabeth W.