March 26, 2013

Spanish Extra Credit

!Hola¡ Soy Belinda, Y este dia, cantare una canta para tu.

Okay, just kidding, but I do have something I have to do in spanish today. I'm also too lazy to put real grammar and accent marks in this post. I have brought my ukulele to school today in order to perform a song in spanish in spanish class. I could use some extra credit, is all. I made some grades on quizzes that I am not very proud of, and I want to do this to bring up my grade a little, since I'm trying to keep my ranking of 3rd place through the end of the 6 weeks when grades are locked in. I probably should have done that in a few other 6 weeks to, but whatever. I'm going to perform the song "A Year Without Rain" by Selena Gomez, but in spanish, it is "Un Ano Sin Ver Llover". I hope I get most of the pronunciation right. Last period I performed it because I was asked to by some kids in my aquatic science class. It was slightly emberassing. And I get really nervous and slightly sweaty when I do unplanned performances, so it was a little awkward.

Because of one act play, I have to miss my field trip for aquatic science. The teacher says he'll try and work something out, but I doubt it will happen. Its only a trip to a lake, so its not like I won't ever be able to do that thing again. And there will be another field trip a little later on, so I'm not worried.

I need to go and talk to the principal or vice principal today during lunch. I found this thing online where if I teach this three lesson course on financial education, I can be entered to win a $10,000 scholarship, and the people who attend get entered to win $1,000 scholarships. I have already printed out the first two lessons, I just have to get permission and a sponsor. I think I might get the librarian or maybe a math teacher. I'll just have to ask around. There are only three sessions, so it shouldn't be a big problem. I'll just have to make sure to get some posters printed out and get it announced. I think people will come, especially when they hear about the scholarship part. I have to take pictures in order to put them in my contest entry also.

I think I might search around for similar things while I am online today. I think there might be some others.

Elizabeth W.