March 20, 2013


I am currently rushing to finish the book Les Miserables. Why? I do love the book and I want to finish it in good time, but it is technically due back to the library today and I want to see about getting it turned in so I can have another book to read. I guess I could just check it out to myself again, then check out another book too. That way I can finish the book tomorrow or whatever, and turn it in then, and still have a book to read. I shall ponder this.

Yesterday, so people were talking about blogging. They were talking about certain teachers that blogged, and how strange it was. I don't know if I'll be able to find the blogs, but I want to try nonetheless. Anyway, they said that one teacher had posted something not so nice on her blog, and they wondered if someone would figure out and she would get in trouble. Then they said that another teacher had a blog too, and they talked about how blogging seemed really lame. Who blogs? they said sarcastically. I actually raised my hand at this point, but I was ignored. They seemed a little confused.

I was talking with my dad about this occurence last night, and he said that blogging is something that people find strange because not everyone can do it, but it seems that it doesn't require talent. Personally, I think that blogging is something that requires someone who can type well and knows how to write stories and essays and such. Its almost like a diary, but a public one that is really read more by people that you don't know than people that you do know. I don't really care what they think about blogging, because I like it, so I shall continue, at least for now.

Last period in aquatic science, we began our first dissection: a perch. The fact that we have to open up a fish and point out specific parts doesn't bother me, but the fact that it is dead and stiff and smells like chemicals does. I have always had an aversion to dead things. I cannot stand them, and I have even had nightmares that involved death and dead things. I just don't like being around or looking at or touching things that are no longer alive. It just seems wrong.

One kid in FCA seems like he keeps trying to stop me and Shelby from teaching a lesson in the mornings. He keeps trying to get guest speakers and trying to get us not to have a lesson ready. Of course, many times he fails to get the person, so we always have a lesson ready just in case. Today was supposed to be my wednesday to teach, but he got a teacher to come and give a lesson instead. Don't get me wrong, this teacher is a youth pastor, and I love the way he presents a message. The lesson this person gave today was awesome. However, I feel like this boy is trying to get rid of me or something. I am normally not bothered by things like this, but its my senior year, and I have only been teaching this year. If he doesn't like my lessons, he should just tell me to my face. I don't need him trying to undermine me behind my back.

I have a song stuck in my head that is really good. Gold by Britt Nicole. I love it. I don't know all of the words yet though, so that poses a slight problem.

This is for all the girls
Boys all over the world
No matter what you've been told
You're worth more than gold...

I love Britt Nicole and her music because I feel like she is a more grown up version of me, almost. You can tell by her music that she has a big heart and a love for
God. It reminds me of the song "Show Jesus" by Jamie Grace.

I gotta tell you that I like the way

Any time anywhere any place
It's written all over your face
The way you love Jesus
And it always speaks to me
A little joy with a touch of peace
It's so inspiring
The way you show Jesus

Jamie Grace is awesome too. I watched a video that Jamie Grace posted on youtube about how she doesn't go out searching for a boyfriend or dating for fun like everyone else because she expects that God has someone for her and she isn't going to date anyone until God wants her to. I learned that lesson this last summer and I started living my life in that manner. And look at me now! I have a boyfriend, and even if we don't get married or we break up in 6 months, I'll be good because I know God has a plan for both of us.

The book that I read that taught me that was "When God Writes Your Love Story". It really changed my perspective on dating and marriage and relationships. I wish more teenagers would read it, so that they can understand the kind of relationships God wants for people, and what they need to get straight in their life before they try to be a part of anyone else's.

Have a fantastic day y'all, and remember how much God loves you!

Elizabeth W.