March 25, 2013


A lot has happened since the last time I blogged, so I'll start with Friday.

On Friday, we went to One Act Pay competition. We performed and did amazing. Our school is advancing to the next round for the first time since 2007. I got the award "Honorable Mention All-Star Cast". We preform for the school on Tuesday and Thursday of this week, and our Area competition is on April 11. I can't believe that we made it!

On Saturday, it was my brother's birthday. I got up early and did some online homework, then we all packed up and went to the mall. On the way there, we made a music video/montage that I'm going to edit together and put on my channel. He got to go to different stores and pick out his birthday gifts. I managed to get my mother to buy me a pair of pink skinny jeans though, so I got stuff too.Then we ate lunch at the food court. I had chick-fil-a, which was rather delicious. When we got home, I spent time reading and playing the ukulele. My mom and I baked a cake for my brother. It was a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake, and it was awesome. We were supposed to use a spring-form pan, so that we could make it, then take the sides off and it would be pretty. But, we couldn't find one, so we just made it in a pan, then put it on a plate. It was one of our first pinterest recipes. I watched my brother play one of his new games, The Walking Dead, also. One of the gifts that he got was a thing to make videos out of videogame play, so he will have his videogame channel up and running soon.

On Sunday, we got up and went to church. Then, we went out and ate mexican food, which was lovely. I had a delicious Torta, my favourite mexican sandwich. We went to Walmart and got some stuff. I found this soap/lotion dispenser that is a mickey mouse head that was on sale, and my mom let me get it so that I can put it with my "Stuff to take to college". When we got home, we played some ukulele, and then I put on some music and began cleaning my room-ish area in the corner of the living room. I managed to start a box for my "Stuff to take to college", and I have a significant amount of stuff already. Mainly lotion and soaps and stuff, but stuff nonetheless. Then I spent the rest of the night printing out scholarship applications, since I felt bad that I had missed the deadline for one of the big ones.

And, I think that is about all you need to know. I have to turn in my permission slip for the talent show today, but I have no clue who to turn it in to. I don't know where the sponsor teacher is during the day. I guess I'll take it to the office during lunch. I began going through my AP Government flashcards today, so maybe I'll be ready when the test comes. So far, I haven't found anything in them that seems relavent. I think I have the economics test in the bag though. I'm good at economics.

I finished reading the book "Room" this weekend also. I started the other book, "The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight" this morning, and it seems pretty good, but not as good as "Room". I have done quite a bit of scholarship filling out and smash book-ing this morning also. I had coffee, so I just have to keep doing things.

Elizabeth W.