December 19, 2012

It Always Happens...

375... I am metaphorically applauding you all right now. Good job, you only have 125 more to go before Friday.

So, today I recieved my first Christmas present of the year. My friend, Emily, gave it to me this morning as soon as I got to school. I really wasn't expecting it. It was a Christmas-y Sock Monkey (Another one for the collection!), some watercolor colored pencils and some dark chocolate hersheys kisses.

The only thing I worry about around this time is when people get me presents when I don't get them anything. I have to go home today and make three gifts. I have one person that got me something that I didn't plan for, and two people who might get me something, but I'm not sure about. I would like to give them gifts either way. One person is the person who I'm doing secret santa for in spanish class. I think I will just make her something small to go along with that. Technically, we are supposed to have a $20 limit on the secret santa gift, but I think I went a few dollars over. No biggie. Hopefully I have time to make some duct tape wallets before Friday.

Today, when I go home, I have to immediately get started on my Spanish project. Its due tommorrow, and I didn't get to work on it at all yesterday. I have to film four or five 30 second segments, then upload all of the video parts to the computer. After that, I have to try and convince my mom to buy a $15 upgrade/mod to Windows Movie Maker, so that I will have access to some editing effects that are actually useful. I have to edit and transfer the video to a DVD before the end of the day. Tommorow, the project is due. I am very nevous about how it will turn out, seeing as it was such short notice. I may end up staying up until like 10 or 11 tonight.

That means that my gift making for those three people will get pushed off to Thursday night, unless I can speed through the making of the video. But, I have to go to my brother's band concert Thursday night. Maybe I'll have some time between coming home from school and having to go back and see the concert. The concert should be over at around 8 or 9. We will probably go out to eat, so we will get home around 9 or 10. But, his concert won't start until 6 or 7. That means I have from 4:30 to 6 to work on gifts. I know I will make one for sure. I might need to plan out the colors and designs so that I know already what I will do.

On Saturday, I have to go to a family Christmas gathering at a relative's house. I'm not really looking foreward to it. Not only will almost all of the family from my dad's side be there, but also some random people that half of us don't know. I'll just bring my ukulele and my phone to entertain myself, and be ready to talk about what type of job I want to have and what college I plan to go to. Relatives always ask about that stuff. I'll prepare myself to recieve about a thousand random shallow complements and hug random strangers. Ugh. Family gatherings.

I gave a Christmas lesson in FCA today. I basically took the Christmas story and went more into detail, examining what it must have really been like, not just what happened. I mean, I think Mary must have been really afraid when the angel first appeared to her. And when she told Joseph, he must have been really suspicious and almost ashamed. The shepherds must have felt really special to have such a chior of angels gathering above them, singing praises to God. And the Wise men were probably a little confused when they came to the manger and saw the little toddler that was said to be their savior and king. I think its cool too that they brought the three gifts that they did. Gold said he was worthy. Frankincense said that they would worship him. Myrrh said that he would die but come back, saving us all. The way that God put all of the story together is just amazing.

Elizabeth W.