December 18, 2012

Storyboards are fun!

338... Yep, you all have overcome the 300 view mark. Now, onward to 500. FOR NARNIA!!! But, seriously, thanks to you all for doing this, I can't say how amazing it is to feel popular for once. Okay, that was kinda cheezy, but thats okay.

This is the last tuesday of 2012 that I have to go to school. I have exams tommorow and the next day, but I only really have one exam to take. AP Government. Gross. Having to take government is hard enough, but makingit AP is like kicking someone while they're down. Shooting a dead horse. Burning a demolished building. Torturing a dead man. Adding insult to injury. I really am not looking foreward to the two AP tests I will take at the end of next semester.

But, because I only have one exam to take, I get to have free time in most of my other classes! Whooooo! And what shall I spend that free time doing?


Storyboarding is something that I love to do. I have never done it for a film, but I have done it for a few (2) music videos. I did it for the Zombie video that I filmed in October. Note, the video did change some in going from storyboard to actual video, but the main concept stayed the same. Some things have to change, thats just the crative process.

Every time I go to storyboard things, I think of two people: Tessa Violet and Isaac Dietz. Tessa because she, nanalew, and some guy from australia or something are making a kind of mini-series and posted a bunch of stuff about it and storyboarding it on youtube. Of course, their storyboarding involves post-it notes on a corkboard. My storyboarding involves drawing four boxes on each page of my notebook and drawing a picture in them, then explaining it with text on the right side of the page. It reminds me of Isaac Dietx because I have watched the video he posted of him explaining the treatment for the official Zombie music video. He has the song playing and he is running around this little room, explaining what should be happening at that point in the song. I found it rather entertaining. In the video, theres a little part in the corner that shows what the actual video looks like at that point in the music, and you can compare it to what he is explaining.

Right now, I am storyboarding a music video for Deathbed by Relient K right now. I have only worked on it today and yesterday and I already have 6 pages with four lyric segments on each page. I storyboard by lyric segments because it helps me set the video in my head with the timing of the music, and I am able to storyboard even when I don't have the music playing. I just know the lyrics and how the song goes. It also allows me to go back to the beginning and play in my mind what the whole thing would look like. The thing is, Deathbed is like a 10 minute song, and I'm only about 1 or 2 minutes into it on the storyboard. This should last me through the holidays.

I like storyboarding because it allows me to get the messages across that might be hard to explain otherwise. I can also jot down my music video ideas and have people look at them even when I have the inability to make the music video or show an already made music video to them. I think the next storyboard I'll do may be a skit or something. I've never storyboarded a skit. I can't wait until I go off to college so that I can actually have a large space to use to storyboard with post-it notes and stuff. I could use an entire wall in my dorm room and storyboard whatever I wanted to. I will have to invest in some sticky notes though. Christmas presents and graduation presents anyone?

I think I actually have a picture of the Zombie storyboard on my instagram. Feel free to stalk me on instagram, because I probably won't get a twitter anytime soon. You can watch the pictures I post and figure out what my day-to-day life is like. And I won't spam your feed. @lizardbreathwalker

Well, I want to go back to storyboarding, because I find it rather entertaining and fun.

Elizabeth W.