December 17, 2012

Things That Have Been On My Mind...

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently. This post is deticated to the things I have been thinking about.

I really don't know what to expect for prom this year. Our school lets you go to prom both your junior and senior year. Last year was fun. I actually was the one who asked someone to be my date. He said yes, but we weren't dating, so it was a little awkward. This year, I can't think of anyone that I would like to go with. Everyone that I can think of would never think about asking me and I would be too afraid to ask myself. I know that I will go, that thing is for sure. I love dancing and dressing up too much not to go. I just think I might be going alone this year. This saddens me...

I am very scared about college. I applied to two colleges and I am number four in my class, therefore, I should have been automatically accepted. I haven't gotten any letters or anything yet. I can't check online because I can't figure out the login information and there is no way to reset it. I am very stressed about it. I wish they would just send me a letter and get it over with. I sent everything in way before the deadlines. And I did it electronically, that way it would get through faster. But, I do have a last name that starts with a W. I may have been pushed to the end of the line just for that reason. Maybe. I don't know that much about how college works.

I have been working nonstop it seems like on homework. This last week, one of my teachers decided to assign a last minute project, due on thursday. So, I have to write, translate, film, and produce a spanish Christmas commercial before Thursday. And I have no DVDs because my parents decided that they needed them for school. Wish me luck on finishing that.

Family Force 5
I find that Family Force 5 music is very much becoming the soundtrack to my life. Nearly every time that I put my headphones on, that it who I am listening to. I love listening to their music while I drive. In fact, it makes me calmer and makes me drive better. I can't wait for them to make another music video or come on tour in my area.

Music Videos
I have been brainstorming a lot of music videos lately. I have a couple ideas for songs and stuff. I think I could make a really fitting one for "Deathbed" by Relient K. The song seems really sad at first, but it really is a good song with upbeat parts and tells a story of hope. I'm trying to learn the words and the ukulele chords and get my brother to learn the piano part. I got him to listen to the song for the first time last night and he said that he really liked it. I also have an idea for "Drama Queen" by FF5 and have had the idea for a long time for "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry and "Raise Your Glass" by Pink. I think I just need to start making storyboards again. The music video for "Zombie" by FF5 is what I plan on working on next, however. I plan on using a demo of PowerDirector 10 during the Christmas break to do some amazing things with it. Look for the video some time in January.

Christmas Songs
I have learned a bunch of Christmas songs on the Ukulele and everyday I am learning more. I plan to put some videos of them on youtube before Christmas, and my brother and I plan on playing them at every Christmas gathering we go to. Maybe we'll upload some live recordings from cell phones on Christmas.

Cover Videos
I have found so many songs that I want to do covers of. Deathbed by relient k is one of them, but it is a really long song with a lot of lyrics to learn. Many songs that I like are impossible to find chords to online. I search and just when I think I've found them I'll come to a page that says "access denied" or "page not found". Then I post on yahoo answers and they just tell me to look in the places that I've already looked. Either way, I will have some new cover videos out within a week or so.

I think it would be really cool to make a Christmas documentary like I've discussed in previous posts, but I think I might wait until next year to do it. That way, I will have a little more prep time and I can get it out before Christmas. I will also be able to interview more people because I will be in college. I should have some better editing software by then too.

FanFiction Update
We have reached 314 views this month, but, if you haven't gotten the hint, I would love to get 500 views before the end of this week. I will post the fanfic at 500 views, so get to work telling your friends to look at the blog and subscribe to blog and youtube updates. Just so you know, that means that you have easier access to blog posts and youtube videos. But, to thank you for making it this far, I will post another small section of the fanfic for your enjoyment.

About ten or so people were scattered throughout the area, each working to accomplish a different task. Even so far away, I could hear Isaac shouting orders. Knowing that he probably didn't notice me come in, I made my way accross the warehouse to where they were. It didn't take long to be notice after I got within seeing distance of the band members. Of course, the first one to notice me was Jacob, AKA Crouton. Of course, how could I not be noticed by the one who pays the most attention to hair and clothing? "Hey guys, look!" he shouted," Its Lizardbreath!" Suddenly, I was surrounded by a mob of rambuncious musicians.

Well, thats all you get for today. I can't really think of anything else to write about.

From another LOVE ADDICT,
Elizabeth W.