December 29, 2012

New Ideas For The New Year

So, the new year is in just a few days... Well, NO DUH! That is practically all that everyone on Facebook and whatnot are talking about. The new year (and a new laptop) will definitely mean some cool things for me and you.

This last year I didn't do many skits or music videos on YouTube. Honestly, 2012 has just been a year void of time and creativity. However, I am currently working with my brother, James, (who has agreed to be in my videos again) and we have been coming up with some awesome video ideas. I have been working out the logistics for each of them in my spare time.

I have also been very un-creative in my editing this year. I just got sick of using windows movie maker. However, I currently have a trial version of PowerDirector (hopefully I will get the full version sometime soon) and I absolutely love it. Its not Final Cut Pro, but its better than what I was working with.

I am so ready to make some more music videos. I have new camera stands that I am dying to use and tons of new music to incorporate. I would love to make another video like Zombie, where I actually have other people. Directing that video was fun, and because I had other people depending on me, I was able to push myself to make it great and get it done.

 With the new year, I plan to make a ton of cover videos too. I am constantly learning new songs on the ukulele and I hope to get a mic sometime soon, so that I can have better quality audio.

I have never considered myself good at vlogging. That is a major reason that I blog. However, with a new editing program, I feel more confident that I can make some interesting vlogs, so look out for those as well.

In the mean time, happy new year!

Elizabeth W.