December 13, 2012

The Boredom Sets In... And The Thinking Begins!

Well, I am very much bored out of my mind today. At least right now. I have nothing to do this period as far as school work. By the way, we have a total of 210 views this month so far. That means there are only 90 more views to get by next week if you want the fanfic to be posted. Honestly, that is not very much. I think I might change the total to 500 or something like that. I am averaging about 20 views a day at the moment. I looked and as a running total from the beginning to this exact moment, my blog has 2012 views. I thought it was cool because it was the year. I guess I'm better at entertaining people through blogging than I thought.

As far as YouTube videos, I need to stop making promises that I can't keep. I did not get to make any videos yesterday because I spend that time helping my grandma pack presents for kids in New Mexico and painting Christmas pictures with my mom. My grandparents left for New Mexico today. I'm praying that they make it there and back safely and get the chance to minister to many people along the way. I wish I could go out and minister to people that I don't know. I stink at people in my area because I'm so afraid that they will judge me more harshly. But people in my area need Jesus too.

Yesterday I watched a music video for Britt Nicole's "The Lost Get Found". The whole concept was that she went on this roadtrip, basically heading out into the great unknown, driving in no particular direction. She prayed that God would put people in her path that needed to hear about Jesus. The video showed some of the people that she ministered to, and you could tell that lives were touched.

I thought it was a really cool idea. I just don't know that I have the guts to do something like that. I am a very shy person. Some people I try really hard to be an example for and minister to, but they just see me as a quiet girl who decided to stick her nose in their business. They won't really listen. And I'm always afraid that I'll say the wrong thing. This, coming from the girl who speaks her mind about everything, regardless of who it offends. I need to just get out of my comfort zone and start reaching people. I said it myself this summer at youth camp, I feel like this is the point in my life where I am ready to go out and start reaching people for Christ. I don't want to just sit around and do nothing when I have been called by God.

A very similar thing that I saw on the internet that has inspired me is Isaac Dietz's "Search For Joy". Basically, he went to places like Africa and searched out real joy that existed and thrived even though people were in poverty, the joy of knowing Jesus Christ. I can only imagine how many people were reached for Christ through these two projects.

I feel like I have the ability to minister to people, just the inability to find the people that need to be ministered to. I have thought about using my YouTube channel to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ, but I am not sure exactly how to do it. I feel like I have done it some through this blog, but I want to use all of the resources I have. Video making is one of my strong points. I have that talent. I guess I could start making Christian music videos. It couldn't hurt.

I feel like I should plan my own project like this, I just don't want to copy anyone. I like the "Search For Joy" idea a lot though. I might take it and put my own spin on it. I will do it in my area, of course. Right now would be the perfect time to start it, because everyone is focused on Christmas and how presents will make them happy. I could interview people at different events that I go to. Church. Plays. Stores. Neighbors. I really wish that I had a better camera to do this with. One that I could adjust the focus on, because my camera doesn't always focus right. Maybe I could film it with my cell phone. That way, I could kinda adjust the focus. It would still be decent quality video. Charity Functions. Parties. Band Concerts. Family Gatherings. I could just interview them and ask them a few questions.

What do you think the real reason for Christmas is?
What part of Christmas is most important?
Why do you, personally, celebrate Christmas?
Does Christmas time make you feel happy or stressed?
What do you wish Christmas time was more like?
What is your favorite part of Christmas?

I think this could really work. If you have a question that you think I should ask, please leave it in the comment area. Don't forget to comment and say which fanfic you want posted next friday also.

Oh! I almost forgot! Today is the day that our play is performed. I am the director for tonight's show. The show starts at 6 I think. I have to be there at 5, which makes me unhappy, and I will probably have to stay until 8 or 9. The cost of admission is $3 per person, if you plan on coming. There will also be a silent auction during intermission. The first play (mine) is Amber Waves, then there will be an intermission, then the plays The Quiet Place and Do Not Go Gentle will perform. The performances will take place in the middle school auditorium. If you live in the area, feel free to come.

Well, that is enough talking for today. Woah, there is still 20 minutes left of class. Wierd.

Elizabeth W.