December 20, 2012


449... All I can say is wow... I never thought I could get so many views in one month. Thank you all so much. I have no doubt that you all will each 500 before tomorrow.

Hecticness. That is what my day has been like so far. Yesterday my mom lectured to me for an eternity becuase I hadn't asked the yearbook spnosor about senior page details. She made me write down a list of things to ask about. I technically didn't ask about one of them, but I figure I have enough information to live through Christmas.

I also get to be Santa today. I brought all of my friends' Christmas gifts to school and I am slowly giving them out. Technically, I am only giving out three today, but that is the majority of them. My friend, Ellen, and I exchanged gifts first thing this morning. I gave her a Doctor Who shirt that I had made, along with a personality-describing shirt and a Christmas ornament with her name. She got me a TARDIS. We are such Whovians. The tardis is about four or five inches tall and when you pull it back, then let it go, it moves forward and spins and bobbles like the real TARDIS. She says she had to resist the urge to open it and play with it. She supposedly ordered a Dalek for herself that does something similar.

In spanish class, which is my last class of the day, we are going to have our secret santa gift exchange today. I really cannot wait to see who my secret santa is. A couple of people already know who theirs is, but I think that just ruins all of the fun. I really don't care what I get, I just want to see how well this person knows me.

Last period, I sat and talked with my friend, Aymie, the whole time. We spent quite some time on the subject of "adventuring". Personally, adventuring is one of my favorite things to do. Basically, adventuring is going out into the woods or down the road or in an old abandoned house just to see what is there and possibly picking up a cool souvenir while you're there. Its not criminal activity because we don't break anything or damage property in any way. Its just cool to see things like that and think about who might have lived there before or who might have left such an object behind and why.

Its like being an explorer or the star of a mystery novel. Adventuring is something that is best to do with friends, too. No less than one, no more than four. Everyone's imagination is going crazy as you wander through uncharted territory. Everyone is silent for the most part, so any animal noise, a rustling of leaves, or a random shout from a mile away scares the living daylights out of everyone. Its scarier when its dark, but adventuring can be done anytime. The real entertainment is being somewhere that no one has been in quite some time. Occasionally, you find things that lead you to think that someone might be living there now or has been there recently. Sometimes you get yelled at by people who see you, but don't even own the property.

I am absolutely starving right now. I have not eaten anything at all today. I didn't really have dinner last night either. I only have about an hour until I can have food, so maybe I can survive until then.

Tomorrow, I will post the 100th post and my fanfic. I'm not completely finished. I might just have to find a stopping point and pick up at a later date. I really don't know how long this story will be, but I think I will start typing the draft today.

Elizabeth W.