November 28, 2012

Scarred for life... Maybe

This morning, I had an embarrassing experience that I think might have scarred me for life. I certainly won't forget it anytime soon, nonetheless. I was just sitting at a table during breakfast time at school, minding my own business. Suddenly, one of my friends appears and starts up a conversation. We discuss various things, such as why we are tired, how much sleep we have lost, and dreams we have had recently. Then, as I was explaining a dream that I had the other day, a person who had joined us at the table commented that a word that I had used could be interpreted to mean something sexual. Then, my friend joined in and stated that I could very well be meaning these rude and perverted things. Then, they laughed at me, despite my refusals that I did NOT mean such things. Finally, I got up and stated that I was going to FCA, since the time had just come, and promptly left the table, clinging to what was left of my dignity.

I find that things like this are occurring more often. These are more than just bathroom jokes, they are rude, perverted comments that really bother me. Why does the world have to be so uncivilized?!?! I shouldn't have to re-think everything that I am going to say so that people don't make perverted jokes out of my statements.

On a much happier note, FCA was very enjoyable this morning. My friend, Shelby, who teaches FCA every other week, taught the lesson this morning. Then, our sponsor brought up the fact that people wanted to do a Christmas food drive. All I can say is that God's timing is absolutely perfect.

I had planned on doing a toy drive type thing through FCA for the Christmas gifts that our church does for underprivileged Navajo children in New Mexico. However, I was told by the person that organizes said operation that this year there would be no need to collect via the school due to time constraints and whatnot. I had just discussed this with Shelby before FCA began, and we were wondering what kind of drive we could do to get people involved in helping others around Christmas time. Then, as if answering a prayer, our sponsor brought up the food drive idea.

I have no real specifics yet as far as deadlines. All I can say is that (for those who go to the same school) we will be collecting the food most likely during second period and there will probably be a prize for the class who collects the most. This should start next week some time.

I think that people aren't always creative enough when they donate food for food drives. Yes, the food needs to be non-perishable, but it doesn't ALL have to be canned corn. Think of things that you yourself might eat.
Ramen noodles
all of thees things would be perfect. Remember that just because people don't have the ability to purchase food for themselves doesn't mean that they don't have taste buds. Buy for them as if you were buying for yourself or a friend. True, the other things are good to give, but don't limit yourself. Personally, I plan to dig into my personal stock of ramen noodles in order to donate. Nonetheless, give from your heart, and may the odds be ever in your class's favor.

I think I've figured out my problem of spiritual lackingness. I think I have simply been relying too heavily on the leadership of other people in my faith. Humans make mistakes and get distracted. I need to focus less on the human factor and more on the God factor. Pastors and Sunday School Teachers are just people, and people make mistakes. God, however, does everything for a reason, and does it with perfect timing. I need to focus more on the master of creation than the creation itself. He has obviously put me here for a purpose, I just need to find it and work with it. I now that I will never see the big picture as to what God plans for me, but I can at least take what I have and do something with it.

God created me as a teacher and a person whose heart breaks for children and those in need. In which case, it is time for me to further my actions in these areas of ministry. I teach in FCA and I volunteer in Children's Church every few Sundays, but I need to be doing more, it seems. I have a dream of using my talents to touch the lives of people around the world. I think film making might be the road that God is leading me down in order to accomplish this. I think I want to start showing God through the videos I put on YouTube, I'm just not sure how yet. I know this is an important part of my spiritual journey, a kind of discovering who I am and how God wants to use me. I just have to start by letting him use me.

Question of the day:
What Charitable giving, if any, do you plan to do this Christmas season?

Ta Ta For Now!

Elizabeth W.