November 20, 2012

Directing a play! and some other things...

So, I am the director of one of our class plays. Technically, its the same play twice. I direct one, and another person directs the other. It is like crunch time for the actors though. Today, we had a half day, so we only have about thirty minutes in each class, and thirty minutes isn't much rehearsal time. We plan to rehearse the early parts of next week. Hopefully everyone studies their lines over thanksgiving break, because we perform like the end of next week.

Its cool but stressful to direct a play. You get to tell everyone what exactly to do, but also have to make sure that everything gets done. It gets kinda hectic in the last few days. I am glad that I got to do this though, because I want to be a film director. I am kinda an amateur director now (ugh, I hate the word amatuer). I hope to be able to work with people like Isaac Deitz someday. Who cares about Steven Speilberg. JUST KIDDING! I would love to work with Speilberg someday also, its just that Deitz is more of a possibility right now.

I am constantly learning more about film. I did a spanish project last year that was a "telenovela". Its kinda like a spanish soap opera. It turned out kinda bad because I used two cameras, but only one had decent audio, and the finished product seemed really choppy. I think that I know how to fix it though. I simply needed a seperate source for recording audio AKA: a boom mic. I looked on yesterday and I think I might be able to manage one for about fifty dollars or so. I just have to get fifty dollars first. I keep finding things like that that have the ability to make my videos so much better, but I lack the funds to get anything. But I am asking for some of them for Christmas, so there is a chance for some of them...

I think its wierd that I am a conservative going into the liberal field of theatre/film. I feel like I'm a contradiction, or a rarity. I'm totally okay with that, its just that its hard to find people in that field that are like-minded.

I also have this strange ability to sense when I am around really stupid people and start hating them, just because they are stupid. I guess its just a bad habit. I don't really "hate" them, I just really dislike them and wish for them to be of normal intelligence levels. WHY CAN'T THEY HAVE INTELLIGENT CONVERSATIONS? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! But, seriously, stupidity gets on my nerves. I know that God made everyone a certain way for a reason, I just wish he had made some of them a little smarter. I guess thats why God made me a teacher. That way, I can give them wisdom and hopefully turn them away from their ways of stupidity.


By the way, the video I posted yesterday was the one that got so many views in like 48 hours. You should watch it if you haven't already.

You know something else that annoys me? Energy drinks. They say they will energize you, but they take an hour to hit the bloodstream and barely do anything. And people drink them religiously. Then, you hear about people dying because of the 5 hour energy things and monsters and stuff. If it doesn't really work and it might kill ya, why do it?

Thats enough anger and conservative bias for one day. Or at least a 30 minute class period.

Question of the day:
What is the most contradicting thing about you and your life/career choice?

Well, I'm tired of blogging and I lack anything else to blog about right now.

Hasta la vista muchachitos!

Elizabeth W.