November 13, 2012

Annoying Things and a Good Book

I think something is wrong with me.
Nothing major, just something wrong with the way I see the world right now.
My problem?

Everything is annoying me.

Yes, everything just seems annoying right now. My brother was very annoying yesterday when he said "You keep threatening to hurt me but you never do it." I find it very annoying that the school computer ecided not to work right today and therefore I cannot write the essays that I need to write for scholarships. It is annoying me that I have homework in a dual credit class but I cannot complete it at school because I need the giant textbook. People just doing small slightly irresponsible or mildly annoying things are driving me bonkers. I am very annoyed right now.

Anyway, I have been reading a really good book. Technically, it is the sequel to another book. I am reading "Love, Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli. Yes, I read books that are like fourth grade level. The thing is, I can find books that have entertaining plotlines and don't take forever to finish at that grade level. So, shut up, and stop judging me!

Okay, that was a little harsh...

I'm sorry.

Anyway, the first book is called "Stargirl". I find that books by Jerry Spinnelli are very entertaining. The main character is always very intelligent and philosophical in their thinking, like in the book "Smiles to Go", also by Jerry Spinelli. They are also very wierd and also like outcasts. I sit there reading thinking, "Wow, I've had those same thoughts" or "I am so much like that character!" And then I realize that that may not be a good thing. So, yeah. I am addicted to that book right now.

Something awesome also happened yesterday. The schoolboard met for out school. They decided that this friday, we will not have school! Its supposed to be so that people can go see the games of our statebound volleyball team (Thats right! State bound! What?!). This means that I get to get things accomplished on Friday. Maybe. I hope so. I need to work on some video stuff and some college stuff. I also need to get some rest. I have not gotten to sleep before ten since like thursday night. But, whatever.

I hope I get to post videos to YouTube. When you are a hard core deticated Youtuber like me (Pffff... yeah right), you tend to have YouTube posting withdrawals. I NEED to post something (*twitch, twitch*). I filmed stuff this last weekend but I didn't get to finish editing it, since it was late when I started doing and I was on my dad's computer instead of the family computer. I hope I get to finish that video and post it. I started using a program that is kind of like a miniature version of PowerDirector, so it has similar features but its like only 1/10 as awesome. And I plan to download the free trial version of PowerDirector over Christmas break and work with it then.

And, based on my number of views, it feels like this is listed on the VERY LAST PAGE of Google. Is that possible? Is there a last page? But, you have to start somewhere...

Question of the Day:

What is the thing that annoys you the most?

and also...

What is your favorite children's book?

Okay, well, I gotta go! Bye!

Elizabeth W.