November 30, 2012

Fortune Cookie Questions

I think its strange that there are some things in history that no one can officially document or prove. Like, I was reading a book today (The Bar Code Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn) and it said something about a guy who invented the fortune cookie, David Jung. So, I looked it up to see if this was a real fact.

David Jung is one of the ones who claims to have invented the fortune cookie, however, there are like five other people who claim the same thing. Were there no witnesses? Who should we believe? In the book, it says that David Jung used the fortune cookies as a method to give bible verses and hope to the homeless in his area. As a christian, I like to believe this story, because I feel that fortune cookies would be an effective way to do such a thing. I am also against the ideas that buddhism or taoism or some other asian religion were the inspiration for such a food.

Something that bothers me about fortune cookies and other fortune-telling devices is when people take them so seriously. Even some Christians believe in them. It says in the bible, “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God." (Leviticus 19:31) Are not those who write horoscopes or fortunes acting as mediums? Did not the mediums and fortune-tellers of the new testament have demons that were driven out by Jesus and his apostles, thereby taking away their fortune-telling abilities?

People should be more careful as to what they believe in and trust in.

Back to the fortune cookie story of David Jung. I was thinking about how fortune cookies were used in order to give the scripture to people who might not have access to it. Then I thought, why can't I do something similar and get the scripture and the message of the bible out to people who might never open a bible or step into a church otherwise?

Last school year, around valentines day, there was a thing that went on, started by a local Christian radio station. People would take post-it notes and write short sayings of encouragement or bible verses on them. Then, they would take and stick them on walls or lockers or mirrors or wherever people might see them. I heard so many stories about people whose days were improved, just by those post-it notes. The administrators got mad and started taking them off of the walls, saying that things could not be put on the walls without permission. All it did was inspire more post-it notes to be put up.

I have thought many times about going through the FCA group to do such a thing again at random times of the year. We could impact peoples lives in such a big way. And we wouldn't have to just put them in the school, we could put them in our homes and our local businesses. Anywhere where people wouldn't expect them. That way, we could anonymously spread the love of Christ, giving the glory to him and not us. Letting him use the post-it notes in whatever way that he wanted, letting the right people see them.

And thus begins the Post-it project. All I need to do now is get some post-its and bring them to FCA next week. I also have to write the lesson for next week. I planned on doing the message of salvation, but I wanted to invite a bunch of people who may or may not be Christians. I guess I could text Shelby and other people and ask them to invite people to FCA. Now, do I want to do the post-it project this week or the next time I teach? Well, I feel like it should be done before Christmas. However, I'm not sure when I can get the post-its and if I will be able to give them out in FCA if we have invited people there... Would that make it awkward for them? I'm conflicted. I guess if I remember to invite people and to bring the post-it notes, I'll do both in one week.

Thanks for reading my blabberings.

Elizabeth W.