November 28, 2012

Boredom Busting

Apparently, I am equipped with the ability to finish all of my school work super fast. This is really annoying in some cases. Like, right now. I came into class, got started on work, had to wait for the teacher to explain what else we were doing, then did the rest of the work. Now, I look like a slacker because the teacher doesn't see me working on an assignment. Little does he know that I have already finished it.

This is why I take advanced classes. Regular classes move too slowly and I become bored soon. However, some classes lack an advanced version, so I am stuck in situations like this. Sometimes I can find something to entertain myself. Occasionally, I'll sit and read a book or, if I am in a computer class, play spider solitare on the computer. Otherwise I might update my blog or write a story. But, as of this moment, the teacher keeps yelling out, telling us to make sure we finish the second part of our work. But I have finished it!

Before I got back into blogging, I would write stories about the kid who sits next to me in this class. It would normally consist of him being tired of being in school so he blows up the classrom and runs away. He would steal the principal's car and fight off a pack of wolves while robbing a bank. The only reason I would do it is to make him laugh and to waste time.

Today in theatre class  we had a free day (a break from all of that rehearsing) and I found a new boredom buster. It involves two people. You take a piece of paper and draw a stick person on it. The other person then draws something trying to kill/destroy it. Then you go back and forth saving and destroying the stick figure. I found it to be rather entertaining, especially when both people are very imaginative.

Our drawing war, as it is called, included references to many things. First, there was Doctor Who, the sonic screwdriver, and the Tardis, along with several Daleks. There was also Ursula from the little mermaid and flounder and a mermaid. There was the Titanic and the Iceberg. However, the drawing is not finished. When it is, I shall most likely take a picture of it and show you all how epic it was.

Yes, my friends and I are nerds and 90's kids. But the best part of being a nerd is that you can almost always find people like you.

Doctor Who
Disney Movies
Old Nickelodeon Shows
Star Wars

Yep, that pretty much sums up most of us. Okay, so maybe not the converse and glasses for all of us, but you get the idea. And each of us is a slightly different kind of nerd. Some of us are video game nerds, others are drama nerds. Only, I think drama nerds sounds strange. Probably drama geeks.

Elizabeth W.