March 26, 2014


So, if you've ever read any of my blog posts before or you have seen my youtube videos, you know that I am a youtuber. I'm not as serious as some and I'm nowhere near as good as the vloggers and video makers that I watch.

I start most days with youtube videos on my phone and I spend my freetime watching youtube videos also. Like, right now as I blog and drink coffee, I am watching Shaytards videos. And seeing these people on Youtube really makes me think. I mean, Shay Carl has been vlogging for 5 years. Tessa Violet just released an album. John and Hank Green have DFTBA records and all kinds of stuff. And the fan bases are amazing. And then there's playlilst live where they get to meet all of the people who love them and do meet and greets and Q&As and stuff.

It just makes me wonder if I will ever get to be one of those people. Or even someone who is not quite as famous, but close. Like, right now I have 44 subscribers and some of my friends don't even know that I make videos. And I wonder if there will be a day that I reach 100 subscribers and celebrate. Because I have a mini celebration when I get a new subscriber. Like, you know that Emily Dickinson poem that talks about "a funeral in my brain". I have a party in my brain.

I wonder about the future and the crazy uncertainty that it has. And I think about my plans. I want to keep vlogging and making music videos and montages and skits through the rest of this semester and the next three years in college. And I want to continue doing it after that. And then I begin to wonder if I'll vlog with my future husband and future kids or anything like that. I mean, I love to have other people in my videos, so why not?

And I wonder if I'll make friends during college who also make youtube videos. I read something the other day about a good way to improve your videos and get more subscribers and stuff is to make friends with people with similar numbers of subscribers. Like I have 44 subscribers so I should make friends with people who have a couple hundred subs. And you can promote eachother and give eachother tips and bounce ideas off of eachother. Like, isn't that what Tessa and Shawna did? So if you're a youtuber that fits that description, feel free to say something in the comments. Maybe we can do a collab or something. Or even just shout outs and talking about youtube. I honestly don't have any people to talk about youtubing with.