March 17, 2014

Back to the old routine

I really don't want to do homework or chores or clean or anything today. But I have to. Meh. I also took my time getting out of bed and getting dressed this morning. Its already 9 and I've just turned on the computer. This may hinder my progress in what I'm doing today.

If you're wondering, the Disney/Universal trip was awesome and fun and exhausting and I really miss Disney and I got sick on the last day of the trip back and I haven't felt completely okay since. There's a video up on my youtube channel that is a montage of our adventures. Sorry I didn't blog it or vlog it all. I was too busy having fun.

I've developed a new pop star obsession. Mika. I've liked his music for a while, but right now I think he's pretty freaking awesome.

My grandma flew down from New Mexico and now I've been helping her take stuff out of the attic and pack it up so that she can have a moving sale and move some more stuff up to their house in New Mexico. What fun.

I should seriously do my homework.