March 5, 2014


Well, one more sleep until we leave for disney, anyway. This means that I get to spend today running around the house doing all kinds of stuff

Homework for 3 classes
Wash ALL the dishes
Wash ALL the clothes
Clean off the table
Pack my suitcase
Begin packing John's suitcase
Re-pack all of my stuff to check and make sure everything is there
Wash the dog
Dye my hair (actually, I need my mom's help with that one)
Work on my book
Freak out that I'm going to Disney for the first time in my 18 and 1/2 years of life!!!

If you can't tell, I'm really excited.

In other news, last night was fun but scary. I read my book out loud to a group of kids and moms once and I handed out a bunch of business cards telling where to get the book. It was so nerve-racking to have to talk to people and I could feel myself blushing and rushing through what I was saying and stumbling over the words. But that's kinda what comes with the territory of being an author, I guess. I'm hoping that it gets easier with time. I also wonder if people like John Green ever had this problem. I guess its a form of stage fright.