March 24, 2014

8.1 and Small Stories

The other day, while I was skyping with Andrew, my computer decided to finally let me update to Windows version 8.1. It took like two hours, then it had to restart and take another hour and a half to set up. Gah. But at least its done now.

Man, the coffee cup that I grabbed from the cabinet to use this morning is really tiny. I mean, it holds the coffee, but it feels more like a tea cup than anything. I feel like it might just collapse if I pick it up wrong.

I woke up an hour too late this morning (9:00), which I find stupid. My body has been used to waking up earlier, so I have no idea why I can't wake up at 8:00 like I normally do. I guess I'll have to go back to setting an alarm like I did before spring break. Ick.

I have music homework to do today. And after that I have to find 20 Rihanna songs to put on a cd as a gift for one of my brother's friends. Why? Because my brother (who is 15 as of yesterday) is computer stupid. I'm always having to do things for him. BLECH. I only know like one Rihanna song. Feel free to leave names of the best Rihanna songs in the comments if you want to help me out.

I really don't want to stop blogging, but my dog needs to go outside and I need to do homework.